Confused commentator hands Michael Phelps’s Olympic swimming gold medal to rival Ryan Lochte

CBC sports presenter Elliotte Friedman mistook Michael Phelps for his arch rival (whoops)


We’ve all made mistakes at work, but luckily most of us haven’t had them broadcast – literally – to the whole world.


Canadian sports commentator Elliotte Friedman had a bad day at the office on Thursday when he mistook Michael Phelps for Ryan Lochte in the men’s 200m individual medley, inadvertently attributing the win to the Olympian’s fellow countryman (and arch rival), and depriving Phelps of what was actually his incredible 22nd gold medal.

Viewers watching the race unfold on the CBC channel last night were left pretty confused as to what was happening.

“Ryan Lochte is going for his 13th career medal, saving the best til last,” Friedman declared. “Finally, he’s going to do it.

“Ryan Lochte is going to beat Micheal Phelps in this event in the games and Phelps might not even make the podium.”


Now there’s a lesson in how to handle a mess-up at work.