Neighbours’ Colette Mann on why Sheila and Clive will never get married

It's not happening!

Neighbours Sheila and Clive

Fans of Neighbours have been calling for the wedding of Sheila Canning (Colette Mann) and Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine) for years.


The pair have a sweet relationship, which has never strayed further than romance.

Following on from the tragic death of Sheila’s son, Gary, every Neighbours fan would love to see some happiness on the horizon for the matriarch of Ramsay Street.

But according to actress Colette Mann, the big day will never come.

Speaking exclusively to, Mann explained: “The fans are desperate for her to get married. I don’t understand why people in this day and age think you’re not happy until you’re married.

“I’ve been married twice and let me tell you it wasn’t happy either time!”

She continued: “Everyone’s saying, ‘Why doesn’t she marry Clive?’

“We don’t want to get married! We’re a modern couple. You don’t have to be married to be happy, you know?”

Neighbours Sheila

What’s more, Paine is not a regular in the show so having Sheila and Clive married simply probably wouldn’t work logistically.

“We’re not! Get used to it,” Mann laughed.

So while they’re not getting married, Sheila is still involved in a pretty big storyline.

As Sheila comes to terms with the grief of losing her boy, Mann has praised Neighbours writers for the difficult and emotional storyline.

Mann said: “I’m usually known for the comedy. But to be able to be given this storyline, draining and exhausting as it is, I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve loved working with Chris Milligan because I adore the ground he walks on and think he’s a fine, fine actor.

“I’ll be glad when she’s through it and she’s back to doing [gags] – it will be nice to go back and do comedy again, but I’ve enjoyed it. If it resonates with people who have been through something similar, then it’s an honour and a privilege.”

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