Paul’s nasty streak returns as he launches Neighbours blackmail plot against Pierce

It's the circle of Paul...

paul pierce neighbours

Pierce Greyson and Dipi Rebecchi (Don Hany and Sharon Johal) have been playing with fire in recent weeks in Neighbours as the pair have embarked on an affair as they seek solace from the troubles in their own marriages.


But while Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) and Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) remain unaware of what is happening, that may be the case for long as when Paul gets wind of what they are doing, he resorts to old habits to try and rid himself of Pierce for good.

Walking in on the pair, Paul is delighted by the upper hand that he has been given and wastes no time in using the situation to his advantage, and makes things far worse for Pierce than they already were.

With blackmail as Paul’s go-to means of causing trouble, he does just that again next week when he demands that Pierce sell him his shares in Lassiters and if he chooses not to, Chloe will hear all about what her husband has been up to behind her back.

neighbours dipi rebecchi pierce greyson kiss

Despite not holding any cards, a furious Pierce does not respond well to Paul’s latest scheme and the two men find themselves engaged in a heated argument, which gets a bit awkward when Chloe walks in on it.

While Paul stays quiet for the moment, it seems that Pierce will have no choice but to either give up his stakes in Lassiters, or confess all to Chloe and destroy two marriages, possibly beyond repair, in the process.

The storyline is part of Pierce’s final few weeks in the show as it has been confirmed the character, who was formerly played by Tim Robards, will be departing the soap in December. By the look of things, it will not be a happy goodbye for the man who first appeared in the show back in 2018.


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