Neighbours reveals tantalising details surrounding the return of Dee Bliss

And Dee isn't the only face from the past returning...

neighbours dee andrea

Other than being bashed over the head with a rock and pushed out to sea to die, it’s been relatively smooth sailing for Toadie for a while now (that really was a slow week on Neighbours for him).


All that is about to change, however, as two women from his past are set to make a reappearance.

Andrea Somers, Dee’s con artist twin, is the first to show up, but from behind bars where she quickly begins interacting with Elly Conway, who will be sent to jail herself for the manslaughter of Finn Kelly.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Andrea uses her position of power at the prison to make it clear that Elly needs her around.

Andrea has established herself as a top dog at the prison and that level of protection is something that Elly could definitely do with.

What Elly doesn’t realise though is that Andrea is, as usual, up to something.

Not only is she in cahoots with Finn’s mother, Claudia, but she has every intention of using Elly’s vulnerability to further her own gain – and this time what she wants is Dee.

The two sisters haven’t seen each other for some time now and they haven’t really spent a huge amount of time together since finding out they were related.

Dee left Erinsborough soon afterwards while Andrea, along with her mother, Heather, went behind bars where they will stay for some time.

But the wheels are set in motion for Dee’s return when Andrea gets Elly to ask Toadie to pass on a message that she wants to meet.

Toadie is of course always ready for Andrea to be up to no good and is keen on dismissing the notion outright – he has been scorned by her more than enough.

toadie dee andrea neighbours

But when he is made to realise that it isn’t his decision to make, he gets on the phone to Dee and lets her know. She is back in Erinsborough soon afterwards.

But what could Andrea want from Dee? It seems unlikely that she just wants sisterly bonding. And if she is up to anything, will Dee be ready to notice what she’s doing before it’s too late?

As always with Andrea, you can never tell exactly what she is up to.

Madeleine West, of course, plays both Dee and Andrea having returned to the show in 2017 following her departure in 2003.

UK viewers can see both characters make their return next month, while Australian viewers have already started to see the beginnings of the story.


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