After just over a year off the air, 2023 saw Neighbours make a triumphant return much to the delight of fans around the world.


A two-year time jump, jaw-dropping twists and shedloads of drama made it feel like the much-loved soap had never gone away.

Now, executive producer Jason Herbison and his team give a sneaky glimpse of what to expect in 2024 in our amazing storyline preview.

Toadie's heartbreaking choice

Neighbours' Toadie and Terese talk while seated at a table
Todie (Ryan Moloney) and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) in Neighbours.

“Toadie and Terese bonded at a time of mutual heartbreak. However, everything they thought to be true was turned upside down during the revelations of flashback week.

"They are now in a period where they are forced to re-evaluate their feelings for their respective partners, Melanie and Paul. Toadie remembers that Melanie is a good person and old feelings are resurfacing, yet he’s also in love with Terese. What does he do?”

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Paul plays dirty for Terese

Neighbours Paul Robinson looks menacing
Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) in Neighbours.

“Paul has never stopped loving Terese. In his mind, he made the ultimate sacrifice by setting her free on the day of their recommitment ceremony after Krista's supposed death.

"Now the truth has been exposed, all bets are off in his mind. He firmly believes Toadie is all wrong for Terese and he wants her back!”

Nicolette's past catches up with her

Neighbours' Nicolette holds some red underwear and looks concerned
Nicolette (Hannah Monson) in Neighbours.

“Nicolette has never reconciled her complicated history with a face from her past called Sasha. Early in the new year, his wife Veronica shows up in Erinsborough with some worrying news and forces her to confront that.

"Nicolette likes to walk a moral tightrope, and gets herself in situations that nobody else ever would. We love it when we have a chance to explore that!”

Haz has a dark secret

Neighbours' Haz looks down, concerned
Haz (Shiv Palekar) in Neighbours.

“There is more to Haz than meets the eye. One of the most exciting storylines for 2024 involves him, it’s a window into his backstory that explains how he became the person he is today, and is something we haven’t done before.

"Haz is attracted to Mackenzie but we will discover there are reasons preventing him from getting too involved with her – or any woman.”

Leo and Krista's dangerous romance

Neighbours' Krista looks concerned
Krista (Majella Davis) in Neighbours.

“Reece’s troubled sister Krista is fundamentally a good person, but her addictions are never far from the surface. Leo deserves to find love and happiness, but whether Krista is the right girl for him or not, that remains to be seen. Leo’s family are definitely worried about them getting closer…”

New beginnings for Jane

Neighbours' Jane smiles
Jane (Annie Jones) in Neighbours.

“The road to Eirini Rising, Jane and Terese’s joint venture combining the revamped school and a new retirement community, has been challenging. However, there is good news ahead for the venture in 2024.

"It has the potential to be an exciting new location for us, bringing together several characters in a work and living setting. It also brings possibilities for some favourite characters from yesteryear to return…”

Mike returns - and so do other old faces

Neighbours' Jane and Mike walk through a woodland
Jane (Annie Jones) and Mike (Guy Pearce) in Neighbours.

“We haven’t seen the last of Mike! Guy Pearce continues to be the best Hollywood star on the block and we love he’s committed to making more appearances and keeping Mike and Jane’s love story alive.

"We will definitely see more returnees in the new year and not always from the distant past, there are many characters from recent years that might have cause to pay a visit!”

JJ’s daddy twist

Neighbours' Dex and JJ lean against a car
Dex (Marley Williams) and JJ (Riley Bryant) in Neighbours.

“The chapter of JJ’s search for his biological father is certainly not closed. While JJ believes he is the US donor Cara lined up, there is a further twist in store.

"It has everything to do with the mysterious passage Andrew read in Phillipa’s diary and the infamous missing pages. We planned this to be a long story arc and there are many more developments to come.”

Scandal for Karl

Neighbours' Karl eats cereal and looks worried
Karl (Alan Fletcher) in Neighbours.

“There is a very funny storyline coming up with Karl that has become something of a gift that keeps on giving. We know the humour in Neighbours is very important to our viewers and Alan Fletcher has certainly leaned into this particular one. He may never live it down!”

Wedding mystery

Neighbours' Terese and Toadie get married while Susan officiates behind them
Terese and Toadie.

“Without saying who, or when, or even whether there’s a happy ending, we can confirm that at least one couple will be walking down the aisle in 2024. Anything can happen at an Erinsborough wedding – some characters will be happy and harmonious, some always find themselves in the midst of a crisis, and some just keep attracting trouble…”

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