New Neighbours arrival to stir up trouble in Erinsborough

Emmett's mum does not make a good first impression.

neighbours jenna emmett

It would be fair to say that things have not been easy for Neighbours foster parents Aaron Brennan and David Tanaka (Matt Wilson and Takaya Honda) since they took on Emmett Donaldson (Ezra Justin)- with things only getting worse since his brother, Brent Colefax (Texas Watterston), arrived.


Those problems escalate next week when Brent crosses multiple lines that see him asked to leave Ramsay Street. When he refuses to tidy up after himself and later acts aggressively to Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan), a row leads to him trashing the number 32 kitchen and accidentally hitting Aaron.

With no choice, they tell him to leave but it is not long before another situation arises in the form of Emmett and Brent’s mother, Jenna (Anna Lise Phillips).

She arrives without following procedure and, following a talk with Brent, is set on the idea that Aaron and David are not to fit to raise her boy; bringing up all the trouble Emmett has been in since he arrived. The two try to keep things calm but it soon becomes clear that recovering alcoholic Jenna is not one to be reasoned with.

neighbours jenna emmett aaron david

When Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) hears what is happening, he tries to bribe Jenna to stay away. But handing over the cash only leads to Jenna falling off the wagon, leaving David furious when he hears what his father has done.

Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglue), another former addict, is also dismayed to hear that her husband enabled Jenna to continue drinking. While Paul tries to defend himself, Terese is not interested and heads to her AA meeting-  spotting Jenna on the way.

Terese asks Jenna to join her and the two strike up a bond, much to Paul’s horror. But he has not heard the half of it as Terese soon reveals that Jenna will be working in the housekeeping team at Lassiters. It seems Jenna is here to stay, but what does this mean for Emmett?

There is also a big storyline for Shane Rebecchi (Nicholas Coghlin) playing out on screens that will see the mature aged student turn to drugs to help with his studies. Dramatic scenes will show Shane go through withdrawals as he battles his addiction, all the while trying to keep the secret from his family-especially police officer daughter Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer).


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