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Neighbours' Paul finally works out who Jane's catfish is - and the culprit is someone everyone will remember

Don't mess with Paul!

Neighbours Paul Robinson
Published: Thursday, 27th February 2020 at 1:50 pm

Neighbours' resident know-it-all, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), is about to stumble across the identity of poor Jane Harris' (Annie Jones) conman catfish.


In the coming week, he sets his mind on working out who's been terrorising Jane and scamming her to the point of distress.

His interest is piqued when new police officer Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) tells him she thinks she saw someone connected to the Lassiters' siege.

Although she isn't 100 per cent, Paul sees it as an opportunity to delve deeper and sends his private investigator on the case - because of course he has a PI.

And it doesn't take too long before Paul stumbles across the harrowing truth - it's troublemaker Mannix Foster (Sam Webb) who was behind the torture.

Mannix has a long history with Paul and was desperate to get back on him for their previous grievances, so chose poor Jane as the victim.

Cast your minds back to 2017, when Mannix was first introduced on Neighbours as a friend of Leo Tanaka in his bad boy phase.

Paul was convinced he had seen the dodgy character off and killed him during the Neighbours Christmas 2018 extravaganza, but just one month later, it was revealed Mannix was still alive and well.

What's more, the troublesome resident set about getting money off Paul and Leo for the inconvenience - a feat he wasn't able to achieve.

After he's exposed, Mannix sets about trying to get away with the scam and tells Paul he has intimate correspondences from Jane, so he better not call the police.

But will Paul chose to take the moral high-ground, even if it destroys Jane? Or will he get revenge in an illegal way?

And what about poor Jane? She's been heartbroken over the past couple of weeks since discovering Richard was a catfish.


Will Paul have it in his heart to explain he is the reason she is going through this pain?

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