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"Prince wants to kill Romeo!" - Hollyoaks' Lauren McQueen teases showdown for Lily's lovers…

She also tells us who would win in a fight between Malique Thompson-Dwyer and co-star Owen Warner!

Published: Monday, 4th March 2019 at 9:06 am

Malique Thompson-Dwyer braved the jungle in 2019's I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, briefly taking him away from his day job playing Hollyoaks' Prince McQueen. The soap used his absence to jeopardise his marriage to Lily McQueen (Lauren McQueen), with Prince walking out on his wife on Christmas Day after discovering she was planning to leave him before finding out he had cancer.


While he's been away Lily has struggled with her self-harm addiction and fallen back into the arms of her hubby's BFF, the brooding Romeo Quinn (Owen Warner). Next week Prince returns to win back Lily, but when he realises she's with Romeo the boys do battle for her heart and trade punches in the middle of the village. So who will Lily choose? And which fella is the right match for the troubled teen? We ask the lady herself, Lauren McQueen…


What is Lily's reaction at seeing Prince again?
She isn't that pleased to see him! Lily is trying to happily move on with her life and has chosen Romeo. He is the one that is there to take her mind off everything. Prince decides to come back to the village to make things right - normally Lily is the type who easily forgives, but you’ll have to find out if she will this time.

How does she feel about Prince running off at Christmas?
Lily is frustrated and heartbroken that Prince disappeared and left her. She wishes he’d have answered all her calls when she needed him the most. Although she is angry, she still loves him deep down and doesn’t want to hurt him when he finds out about Romeo.

Who do you think Lily should be with, Prince or Romeo?
I think Romeo is the fantasy and Prince is the reality. Even though I’m a massive Prily fan, I think right now Romeo is the one who makes her the happiest and she has more of a connection with. They both love making each other smile by reciting poetry and I feel like they both understand each other’s dark thoughts.


Is Lily willing to give Prince a second chance?
When Prince comes back, Lily really struggles with it because her and Romeo are back on track. However, Prince does take her on a date to prove himself and she is overwhelmed by what he does for her. I don’t want to spoil it too much…

How would you describe Romeo and Lily’s relationship?
It's very complex. They could sit at home all day talking about their favourite poets and quotes, but then they can also be in deep conversation about how they are feeling or what they have been through. Lily truly believes he’s the only one who understands her and can help stop self-harming.

Is Lily still struggling with self-harm?
At the minute she isn’t coping very well. She has a relapse because she hates herself for tearing apart her marriage. She is constantly worrying about Prince and just wants to know if he is okay. When Sinead finds out she’s self-harming again and tells her Auntie Diane, this only makes her feel more pressured and frustrated that nobody understands.


How does Prince react to Lily and Romeo's affair?
Prince is absolutely heartbroken when he finds out, especially because Romeo was once his best mate. He literally wants to kill him. You don’t want to see Prince when he’s angry!

Was it nice to have Malique back in the show after he went off to the celebrity jungle?
I couldn’t stop smiling when Malique was back. I missed him so much! It was good to have his energy on set again and laugh all day. I missed our Prily scenes.

Finally, who would win in a real fight, Owen or Malique?
That’s a hard one! I think it would be quite close but Malique does Muay Thai boxing so he’d be able to do a lot of moves on Owen.


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