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"There is still a lot to be unravelled" teases Hollyoaks star after Toby tells Mitchell he's his brother

Bobby Gordon hints at what's next in the disturbing Deveraux saga

hollyoaks toby faroe
Published: Monday, 9th March 2020 at 7:25 pm

Hollyoaks' Deveraux clan are in disarray after Mitchell Deveraux's (Imran Adams) birthday celebrations were interrupted by Toby Faroe (Bobby Gordon) revealing he is the long-lost secret twin that Martine Deveraux (Kelle Bryan) gave away at birth.


Viewers have known since December 2019 the true identity of the mysterious music producer when it was confirmed he had moved to the village with wife Celeste Faroe (Andrea Ali) to get revenge on the family that rejected him, and in Monday 9th March's E4 showing Toby finally came clean in the most public way possible at a party in the pub.

"Toby has waited for this moment," explains Gordon, speaking exclusively to "He chose the perfect time to embarrass Martine and hit her deep so she feels the pain he's been dealing with for so many years.

"He has spent so long being quiet and not being able to share his full truth. Now he wants to be heard, be visible, and with everyone in one room he sees this as the perfect opportunity to make a big bang. It's like being asked if you object at a wedding, if you say nothing the love of your life is gone forever - it's a do or die situation!"

hollyoaks toby faroe

Mitchell is completely in the dark about Toby's existence, and has spent 26 years believing he was an only child. Martine and dad Walter Deveraux are the only ones in the know, so in the aftermath of the bombshell there are many questions that need addressing…

"The main thing now is to get answers," continues Gordon. "Before wanting to go in and hurt or terrorise everyone, Toby needs to understand why he was given away and why his biological brother got all the love and support. Why him and not me?

"So the ball is very much in Martine's court now. How she responds will set the precedent for what happens next, either he'll end up wanting to be a part of the family he never had - or he'll be tipped over the edge. Martine needs to figure out what to do next."

Creepy Celeste has struggled to keep her husband's temper in check and narrowly avoided him blurting out the truth on more than one occasion. Will there be consequences of Toby disobeying his sinister spouse?

hollyoaks celeste faroe toby faroe

"If you tame a lion too much, he's going to be keep on biting until he can get out," grins Gordon. "Celeste told him to bide his time but he's living in the moment. At the party he just gets tunnel vision and no one is going to stop him. His sister will remain a very important person in his life with a lot of control over him, but this has been brewing and he's so close to the finish line.

"Toby has grown up thinking his parents didn't love him and has no handle on proper emotions, so what he does may look malicious but he's never known love or compassion and doesn't know any better."

The shockwaves continue all week for the fractured family, and Gordon hints there is much more to come in the twins' backstory that will leave fans truly stunned.

"All I'll say is there is still a lot of truth to be unravelled," he says. "To be continued!"


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