Hollyoaks fans are in for a treat as one of the soap's two weekly episodes is a special hour-long edition, so with an extra 30 minutes of viewing it will feel slightly more like old times before the pandemic-led reduction in the schedules.


The reason for the extended instalment is to accommodate a dramatic peak in the county lines story, as the teens go on location to the seaside where they end up in a dangerous situation. On a lighter note, we also meet Kyle Kelly's parents in a truly ingenious cross-soap casting coup. Here's your guide to Hollyoaks spoilers for Monday 13th April to Friday 17th April 2020.

Trouble by the sea for Sid and Juliet

hollyoaks Juliet Sid county lines hour special

Manipulative Jordan has pulled Sid and Juliet's strings so tight they are left with no choice but to travel across county lines to undertake their most dangerous drug deal yet. In another chilling detail of how these insidious networks operate, he encourages them to drag along pals Ollie and Imran (oblivious to what's going on and kept busy with their own comedy subplot) so as to ensure they stay under the radar - who's going to stop a gang of innocent-looking teens from an affluent suburb on a trip to the beach?

The eye-opening hour-long episode gives a disturbing look at the reality of county lines beyond the village, visiting dingy trap houses and meeting dead-eyed, terrified young adults who are basically future versions of Sid and Juliet if they don't extricate themselves from the gang's grasp. After the horrific events of this week, there's little chance of that happening.

Jordan busted by Peri

Jordan Price

Back at home and Jordan is getting more than just his feet under the Lomax table, ensuring he's in prime position to control his cousin as he draws him deeper into the criminal underworld. However, plucky Peri finds drugs in his jacket pocket and confronts her erstwhile lodger and love interest, unaware he's just been propositioned by her own mother Leela. Jordan will have to rely on more than that cheeky chappie smile and chavvy charm to get out of this one. We have a horrible feeling he'll continue to pull the wool over everyone's eyes for a while yet.

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Meet the parents

hollyoaks mark and Carole kelly

Kyle is far from pleased to see his estranged parents, secretly summoned by fiancée Nancy Osborne for a pre-wedding get-together. Once she meets provincial bores Mark and Carole and almost chokes on the mundanity of their small talk, Nance regrets her attempt at building bridges between the Kellys. Soap fans, however, will relish the in-joke of Chris Quentin playing Mark - the actor found fame as Brian Tilsley on Corrie, father of Nick, who Adam Rickitt (Kyle) once played. Brian was killed off in 1989 and Nicky was recast as Rickitt between 1997 and 2004 so the pair never appeared on the cobbles together. Now, in a mind-bending moment of inter-soap full-circularity, the Tilsleys are finally united - except on another soap in completely different roles.

In an additional nice touch, Carole is played by Diana Weston, once the on-screen partner of Joe McGann (evil surgeon Edward Hutchinson) in 1990s sitcom The Upper Hand. If she doesn't walk past Edward in the Hutch doorway and do a subtle double take, we're going to feel short-changed.

Darren does a runner

hollyoaks darren osborne

Distracted by his mum and dad's unwelcome visit means Kyle takes his eye off the ball in terms of looking out for depressed pal Darren Osborne - which has serious repercussions. Darren's mental health takes a serious dip this week and he leaves his flat with a packed bag. After he's seen shuffling, zombie-like, down the street, Kyle realises he's missed several phone calls from his struggling friend and fears the worst…

Hollyoaks Favourites: secrets revealed

hollyoaks cleo mcqueen

This week's triple helping of classics from the archives are curated under the theme of life-changing secrets being exposed - we have Darren and Mandy Morgan's fling inspiring much shouting and slapping from 2018 as it devastated the dynamic of the soap's heritage characters; the brilliant Emmett J Scanlan proving why he became one of Hollyoaks' most successful alumni with the 2013 edition in which Brendan Brady admits he was abused as a child; and 2019's compelling three-hander where Cleo McQueen confronts boyfriend Mitchell Deveraux over his affair with Scott Drinkwell. Kieron Richardson hosts in brand new, specially-filmed introductions.


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