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Will Pete Barton leave Emmerdale after Tracy Metcalfe moves on with Nate Robinson?

As former flame Tracy moves on, will Pete decide to do the same - literally?

emmerdale pete barton
Published: Tuesday, 28th January 2020 at 6:18 pm

Following a previous short, yet doomed, dalliance, viewers were surprised when Pete Barton (Anthony Quinlan) and Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) gave their romance another go.


Alas, it appears to have been as cursed as before.

Fans have watched Pete experience a tumultuous few months after Moira’s affair was exposed when he was tortured into admission by Cain Dingle.

He only recently rekindled his romance with Tracy after their mutual realisation of their feelings, which shocked but delighted fans.

Indeed, they grew close out of Tracy’s own tragedy, after her dad was killed in the explosion at the Sharma factory, earlier in the year. A less than ideal way to try again romantically.

Fans were left distraught following Pete's close friend Moira’s demise, which left him heartbroken after he ditched her to join Nate at the Wylie’s farm.

And now they've been offered a sneak peek at episodes to come which show Tracy and Nate’s blossoming romance, leaving Pete feeling the third wheel, leading him to make a life changing decision.

Could this spell the final straw for Pete in the village? Is this the end of his time on Emmerdale?


Emmerdale airs daily on ITV at 7pm


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