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Next week's Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy does a runner, Jacob and Leanna kiss, plus Kim gets shock news - 27 October-1 November 2019

All the latest plotline secrets from the ITV soap

Published: Sunday, 27th October 2019 at 12:00 pm

I always find it hard to care about storylines that revolve around missing cash. Is there anything duller than seeing people stare worriedly at bank statements or online accounts?


I think it’s because finances are such a nebulous thing in soapland and if you start asking questions about how characters can afford to own their houses or drink in a pub every night of the week, never mind defraud people out of stacks of money, then the whole set-up falls apart.

That said, Mandy’s rash attempt to swindle Lydia on Emmerdale should hopefully become livelier this evening when she’s caught in the act by the family. Sam angrily convenes the Dingle court, which, as we know, does tend to make the Salem witch trials look laissez-faire.


So it’s no wonder that Mandy and Vinny are soon deciding to go on the run. But I really don’t fancy their chances in the rickety van they pinch in order to make their escape.

Family loyalty is also being questioned over at Home Farm where Graham lobs a grenade in the Tates’ direction when he discloses that Jamie was the one who once dobbed his mum Kim in to the police, a move that put her behind bars.


Hopefully, this revelation will give Jamie a belated bit of backbone. Since he arrived in April, he’s had this sorrowful expression on his face that makes him look as though he’s constantly on the verge of tears.

Amid all this, we also get some Halloween celebrations in the village, which find teens Jacob and Leanna dressing up before puckering up. Fans will no doubt be hoping that the kiss will help Jakey exorcise the Maya-shaped demon. The brazen groomer may now be behind bars, but does she still have a grip on her prey?


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