Secrets are about to be spilled in the Dales - but those harbouring them aren't giving them away willingly. Leyla Cavanagh's (Roxy Shahidi) reliance on cocaine is exposed when David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) sees her getting ready to take another line. Meanwhile, teen Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell), who has been taking weight gain syrup, succumbs to serious side effects that could have huge consequences.


Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) ventures out for the first time since his stroke, while his physiotherapist Kit (Thoren Ferguson) romances Marlon's ex-wife Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy)! Charles (Kevin Mathurin) and Ethan Anderson (Emile John) catch up over recent events as they contemplate the future of their relationship with daughter and sister Naomi (Karene Peter). And Sandra Flaherty (Joanne Mitchell) is up to no good.

Here's your guide to Emmerdale from 18th - 22nd July 2022.

6 Emmerdale spoilers for next week

1. David catches Leyla taking cocaine

David and Leyla in Emmerdale
Mark Bruce/ITV

With son Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) about to head off to university, Leyla and David clash when David feels like she's not doing enough to show her support. Leyla responds by splashing the cash yet again to win favour with Jacob, leaving David outraged. But her generosity is down to her latest cocaine binge, and Leyla soon regrets offering to cover Jacob's accommodation when he shows off the expensive place he's found.

Later, in the office, Leyla struggles when Kim Tate (Claire King) and Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) bombard her with questions. Kim fires a floundering Leyla as her wedding planner, and by the time David walks in he catches her about to take coke. Leyla tries to explain herself but David is unimpressed; and he decides to tell her husband Liam (Jonny McPherson) so she can get help. Leyla begs David to keep quiet, promising to be done with the drugs - but is she telling the truth, and will David keep her secret?

2. Amelia's dangerous habit leads to danger

Amelia's body image issues lead to danger for baby Thomas (ITV)

When Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) reveals to Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) that his daughter Amelia is seeing someone, the teen is mortified when Dan asks about her love life. She continues to ignore the fact that her vision is blurring, and sneaks back to the prison using Gabby Thomas's (Rosie Bentham) identity so she can visit Noah Dingle (Jack Downham). Amelia feels like they're growing closer and is pleased, but she hides her worry as her vision problems worsen.

She agrees to babysit Gabby's baby son Thomas again, but dangerously ignores her dizziness. At Home Farm, Amelia steals another prison letter addressed to Gabby; and with her dizzy spells and nausea now overpowering, she faints while holding the baby and drops him. When Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) arrives, Amelia lies that Thomas fell from his high chair. Harriet takes him to the hospital, and Amelia is filled with guilt as Gabby appears and is blamed for the incident.

When Dawn Fletcher's son Lucas reveals he saw Amelia drop Thomas, Kim calls her out on her fibs. Faced with questions over her blackout, she admits to taking the syrup she bought over the internet. Dan is left reeling and, as Amelia agrees to be checked over, he struggles with his shock. Will Amelia learn a lesson from this?

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3. Marlon returns to the Woolpack

Marlon is welcomed back to the Woolpack (ITV)

Vanessa suggests throwing an engagement party for Marlon and fiancée Rhona Goskirk (Zoë Henry) - but Rhona is hesitant and, when she broaches the subject with a recovering Marlon, he has his doubts too. Rhona is relieved when Marlon agrees to the party, but he remains quietly unsure over the idea. The thought of going back to The Woolpack, where he hasn't been able to work his magic as a chef for months now, leaves Marlon on edge.

Upon arriving, he's overwhelmed to be back in the family pub. But best mate Paddy (Dominic Brunt) reassures Marlon, and he and Rhona later return for their celebration. There are cheers all round as Marlon delivers a heartfelt declaration to Rhona, but is he really as comfortable and content as he makes out?

4. Love for Laurel?

Laurel and Kit in Emmerdale
Is love in the air for Laurel? (ITV) ITV

Laurel comforts Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) over his anger towards Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough) - who gave his late sister Holly cash for drugs the night she died. But Laurel is left shocked when Matty informs her that the drugs she accused ex Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) of dropping in the Take A Vow office were actually Suzy's. However, this doesn't appear to put Laurel off pursuing a new romance with Kit. And Kit is just as keen as he hopes to attend the engagement do after learning Laurel will be there.

Jai is upset to see Laurel flirting with Kit, and then share a kiss. It's not long before Jai hears more about Laurel's blossoming bond with Kit. Is Laurel ready for this new relationship, and will it force Jai to move on; or is there any hope left for the former couple?

5. Will Charles get a chance to know Naomi?

Charles and Ethan want to get to know Naomi (ITV)

Following the awkward first meetings between Charles and long-lost daughter Naomi, he's left contemplating whether they should be in touch more. And over a chat with son Ethan, Charles hides his hurt when he hears that Ethan tentatively explains that he's been messaging his sister.

Ethan fills his dad in on his conversations with Naomi, and Charles holds out hope that he can forge some kind of relationship with the daughter he never knew existed until last year. Will Naomi be willing to do so?

6. Sandra takes advantage

Will Sandra be caught out? (ITV)

Since Sandra's return, she's caused chaos for daughter Liv Dingle's (Isobel Steele) settled life with husband Vinny (Bradley Johnson). Sandra convinced Liv that she needed help quitting alcohol so that Liv agreed to take her in; then Vinny's mum Mandy (Lisa Riley) gave Sandra a job at the salon by way of offering help.

But next week, after Sandra happily keeps a ten pound tip, Mandy questions what has happened to the missing tip money. Sandra knows she'll have to be careful in her deception from now on - but how far will she go? Might she cause Liv to relapse, or will Sandra find other ways to make trouble in the village?

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