Ruby Fox-Miligan (Beth Cordingly) vowed to come clean over her hit and run on the late Ethan Anderson (Emile John) in tonight's Emmerdale (12th June 2024).


Ethan collapsed and died just days after Ruby mowed him down in revenge for his leaving her son Nicky (Lewis Cope) for dead. Nicky has been filled with anger and fury ever since he discovered his mum's actions, and Ruby continued to try and win him over as she bumped into Nicky in the village.

Meanwhile, Ethan's devastated father, local vicar Charles (Kevin Mathurin), was planning his funeral, and Ruby was shamefaced as she heard him tormenting himself over the tragedy in the Woolpack.

Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) struggled to get Charles to lean on her, just as Charles found Ruby sitting alone in the church.

Charles insisted that Ruby should stay, and as he sat and stared at a photo of Ethan placed at the altar, Ruby offered him genuine support as he explained he had not been allowed to see Ethan's body one last time.

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Charles couldn't face the fact that he would never see his beloved son ever again, while Ruby found herself unable to ignore what she'd done any longer.

But at Mill Cottage, Ruby tried once more to get through to disgusted Nicky, who simply wasn't interested. Insisting she couldn't lose Nicky, Ruby promised that she would tell the truth about Ethan, especially after seeing Charles so broken.

With Ethan's funeral about to take place, and Charles set to learn the cause of death, will Ruby stick to her word? Is she looking at a lengthy prison sentence for her rash crime?

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