Emmerdale reveals who took Eliza – but is Nell’s explanation all it seems?

The baby snatch drama has thrown up fresh questions


Recovering drug addict Nell Fairfax has been revealed to be the one who took Megan’s daughter Eliza – but is her explanation of events to be taken at face value?


Tonight’s Emmerdale double bill saw Megan forget that she’d left her child in her car while she met with a potential client. When realisation of what she’d done dawned, Megan raced back outside and was shocked to find that Eliza was missing.

In the end, it turned out that Nell had spotted Eliza crying and – after not being able to locate Megan – had taken the child up to the factory to find Jai. When an employee told her that Jai was at the bank, Nell revealed that she’d headed back to the village with Eliza in tow, which was when she was seen by Megan and the frantic Sharmas.

In the aftermath of the drama, Megan has now found herself in trouble with the police, who have referred the matter to social services. 

For her part, Nell’s actions have been met with a certain amount of suspicion from Jai, who wanted to know which of his workers Nell had spoken to. When Nell failed to provide an adequate explanation, an argument ensued during which Nell accused Jai of suspecting her of wanting to “sell Eliza for smack”.

So, was Nell merely trying to help or is there a darker motivation at the heart of this storyline? Could Nell be a plant sent to discredit Jai, only to have now had her scheme backfire as blame shifts to Megan? Might former jailbird Frank be somehow involved? And could Megan ending losing Eliza as a result?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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