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Emmerdale's Lisa Dingle dies in heartbreaking scenes as Jane Cox leaves the cast

Published: Friday, 24th May 2019 at 9:05 am

Emmerdale favourite Lisa Dingle has tragically died on her wedding day in an emotional episode of the ITV soap. Actress Jane Cox made her last appearance as the Dingle matriarch as terminally ill Lisa passed away after remarrying her soulmate Zak (Steve Halliwell).


In true soap style, the nuptials were almost scuppered after the bride fell in pig muck and the groom had a last-minute attack of anxiety. But, in the end, vows were exchanged, only for Lisa to then pass away after giving one final performance on the violin as a member of country band the Woolpackers.

Lisa was seen temporarily leaving the celebrations to change out of her wedding dress, but after sitting down on the sofa at home next to pet dog Monty, she died and her body was eventually found by a devastated Zak.

What did Lisa Dingle die of?

Much-loved Lisa recently returned to the village after a year’s absence and revealed to her family she was dying, having been diagnosed with the rare condition amyloidosis which left with her with a severely weakened heart.

Amyloidosis is the name given to a build-up of abnormal proteins in the body. The NHS website states: “Deposits of amyloid in the heart can cause the muscles to become stiffer, making it more difficult to pump blood around the body.”

During her time off screen in Scotland, Lisa had been receiving chemotherapy which unfortunately did not work, meaning she had months to live when viewers learnt of her condition and confirmation she would be killed off.

This came in a special all-female episode of Emmerdale shown on International Women’s Day, Friday 8th March, in which Cox made her surprise return following her break and discussed her illness with Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins).


How long has Lisa Dingle been in Emmerdale?

Matriarch Lisa has been at the head of Emmerdale’s most famous family for over two decades. She first appeared in 1996 and was originally engaged to future husband Zak’s no-good brother Albert, but when he did a runner to escape the police on their wedding day Lisa ended up marrying Zak after the pair realised they were meant to be together.

Lisa has endured much drama over 23 years in her marriage to Zak including the birth of daughter Belle in the barn when Lisa didn’t even know she was pregnant, Zak’s cancer and mental health problems, Lisa’s sexual assault, and her husband’s affair with Joanie Wright.


Why is Jane Cox leaving Emmerdale?

Cox has explained the decision to go was entirely hers, telling “It was very hard but I’m 66 now and felt I didn’t want to be working at this pace so much in the future. I’ve got lots of other things I want to do and if I didn’t go now I probably never would.

“I love everybody at Emmerdale, it’s been the best job in the world and Lisa has been part of me for 23 years. Her final storyline raises awareness of a particular illness which will hopefully help people. Her death gives a truthful end to her story and I will wave Lisa a happy goodbye.”

Heartbroken viewers will now be wondering how the Dingles deal with the devastating loss, and if Zak can cope without his soulmate…


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