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Emmerdale reveals Andrea's fate as police suspect Jamie of foul play

There was a Tate twist in the last pre-lockdown episode.

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Published: Friday, 5th June 2020 at 7:25 pm

Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) vanished without a word, and without her purse or car, after an explosive showdown with husband Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) over his affair with Belle Dingle.


Now the whereabouts of the scorned Emmerdale spouse have become a matter for the police who suspect Jamie is involved with her disappearance, but fans know Andrea is actually in hiding with daughter Millie. Is she plotting to go on the run for good, or fake her death and frame her cheating hubby for murder?

Friday 5th June's cliffhanger, the last episode filmed before the soap was forced to stop filming due to the pandemic lockdown in March, revealed Andrea was laying low in a hotel room while a missing persons investigation was launched in the village.

Jamie did himself no favours when interviewed by the cops, struggling to conceal his anger towards Andrea for humiliating him after exposing his fling in public at the Woolpack pub quiz earlier this week.

Furious to learn Mrs Tate knew about the infidelity and plotted against him and Belle for weeks, Jamie cruelly rejected his wife and insisted he wanted to be with Ms Dingle, but having initially accused her of exposing the fling to force him to end his marriage left Jamie rejected by his lover.

Andrea went from desperately trying to cling on to her other half to vanishing into thin air with Millie, leaving everything behind apart from a few of her little girl's essentials.

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As suspicion falls on Jamie for foul play, who is frantic about Millie's safety, Andrea is secretly pulling the strings from her hideout where she appears to have finally discovered her inner revenge-fuelled minx - but what exactly is she planning?

She's deliberately made her disappearance look dodgy by leaving her car, cash and credit cards behind. Is she playing a long game to paint Jamie as a killer who did her in for exposing his bad behaviour? Is she planning to use Millie as a pawn and hold her to ransom if he doesn't meet her demands? Or is she set to run off and start a new life undercover, leaving Jamie tormented and never knowing what happened to his child?

Whatever Andrea's up to we're going to have to wait a while to find out, as the next episode from Monday 8th June leaps around in time as Emmerdale acknowledges the lockdown with some specials. The focus will be on six different households over the next three weeks, and the Tates are not involved.

So unless other characters discuss the latest on the Jamie, Andrea and Belle scandal, resolutions may not be provided until late June/early July's post-lockdown episodes where we start to catch up with the rest of the goings-on in the village.

Will Andrea and Millie still be in self-isolation in that rather grotty-looking hotel?


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