Phil fights for his life – plus 7 other big moments from new EastEnders trailer

Ballum get close, Max kisses Rub and Stacey and Martin are on the rocks

eastenders phil

EastEnders confirms Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) will be rushed to hospital with his life on the line later this summer, as a new trailer follows up reports of a shock attack on the hard man.


The frantic 45-second clip ends with the shocking sight of the tough patriarch stretchered out across the Square, closing in on his unconscious face hooked up to an oxygen mask and, it has to be said, not looking his best. A voiceover from Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) comments: “You should know by now, Phil is Phil…”

It’s already out there that Phil is set to become the victim of an assault by a mystery assailant who leaves him for dead – but despite the trailer giving us a look at the consequences of the showdown itself, the identity of the attacker remains a mystery.

It’s not all about Phil’s big crisis, though – here’s a full breakdown of the trailer’s most intriguing moments:

Who’s the daddy? Sharon finds out


Pregnant by either hubby Phil or ex-toy boy Keanu Taylor, Sharon Mitchell is understandably in quite a tizz. On Friday 19th July Shaz prepares to send off a secret paternity test to determine the truth – the trailer shows a stunned Mrs Mitchell gripping a letter and saying: “Please, Phil…” in a breathy voiceover. Has she got the results? Is Keanu set to be a dad to two Mitchell ladies, having already committed himself to Phil’s preggers daughter Louise?

Phil is angry with Keanu


“Not one more word!” a fuming Phil shouts at Keanu as police swarm the Square. What is he referring to? One of the many dodgy jobs the Taylor totty is forced to do by his boss and future father-in-law? Or is this the moment Phil discovers his blue-eyed boy employee has been bedding his missus as well as his daughter?

Max and Ruby’s first kiss


We also get a first look at this unlikely pairing and it’s every bit as exciting as we predicted: “Not just a pretty face, are you?” purrs flirty Rube as she and Mr Branning lock lips. It’s high time Max cut dreary Rainie Branning loose and found himself another high-maintenance, high achieving feisty Walford woman – especially one with so much emotional baggage and plot potential as Ms Allen. Get ready for fireworks.

Stacey is consumed with jealousy


A story-driving ripple effect of Max and Ruby getting together is Stacey Fowler’s reaction, and guess what? She’s not happy. Seeing her best mate cosy up to her old flame looks to be quite confronting for our Stace, who can barely contain her jealousy as she spies the pair smooching. Is she just being protective of her pal, who may still be vulnerable after her sexual assault ordeal? Or is she struck by residual, forbidden feelings for Max, perhaps the biggest love of her life?

Martin confronts Max


It’s probably the latter, and Stacey’s husband Martin knows it. The clip has him accuse his missus outright of jealousy, and also shows miffed Martin in a showdown with Max who he berates for getting off on attention… There’s no love lost between these two, and just 18 months ago the Fowler marriage was almost destroyed when Max and Stacey romped by the fireplace on Christmas Eve for old times’ sake. But Martin sounds almost resigned in the trailer as he questions his wife’s loyalties – could this pave the way for Stacey’s temporary exit to accommodate Lacey Turner’s maternity leave?

Ben is attacked again


Ballum are THE soap couple of the moment, and there’s more in store as the tormented romance plays out over the summer. The mini-Mitchell is seen trashing the house in a fit of rage, and also looking like he’s just been beaten up. Has Callum’s brother Stuart dishes out another bashing to keep the fellas apart so his sibling’s wedding to Whitney isn’t threatened?

Callum and Ben share an intimate moment alone


The boys stare furtively at each other in a car as Ben tells his closeted secret lover tenderly: “I’ll sort this.” Is Ben taking control and helping conflicted Callum come out to the world, so the pair can have a happy ever after? Don’t hold your breath…


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