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Jay rejects Lola after engagement bombshell in EastEnders

Ben's meddling ruins the reignited romance

Published: Tuesday, 16th April 2019 at 12:00 am

EastEnders' Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) has a lot of explaining to do to Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) following the revelation she has a secret fiance, thanks to the spiteful interference of Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) who blew his baby mama's big lie.


Tuesday 16th April's episode of the BBC1 soap tackles the fallout of the cliffhanger that saw bolshy Ben so desperate to stop Lola being distracted from their plan to fleece his dad Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) by thoughts of reuniting with ex-boyfriend Jay he engineered the revelation to his brother the gobby blonde is betrothed to another man - something she had conveniently neglected to mention…

Lola is forced to admit she kept quiet about being engaged to a guy called Ewan to a heartbroken Jay - who she was on the verge of getting back together with before Ben blabbed - and begs for another chance, confessing it's him she loves having reconnected since returning to Walford four years after she walked out on their relationship and relocated up north.

Tearfully begging him to consider making a proper go of things as a couple, Lola is crushed when furious Jay refuses.


The first viewers knew about Lola's engagement was on Friday 12th April when Ben put pressure on Lo to keep away from Jay and threatened to reveal her secret, which he eventually followed through with in the very next episode.

Ben wants to control Lola to ensure she doesn't jeopardise the wicked plot to take down Phil, while playing happy families to his face using granddaughter Lexi to soften him up and earn his trust. Ms Pearce is on board but has become increasingly uneasy with the con since catching up with Jay and realising the spark still exists between them - will she be driven to expose Ben's true reason for being back in Albert Square? Has Ben just wrecked his own scheme by antagonising his biggest asset?


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