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EastEnders reveals Lola has been keeping a HUGE secret…

Ben is threatening to reveal what she’s been hiding from Jay

Published: Friday, 12th April 2019 at 8:58 pm

EastEnders’ Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) returned to Walford recently with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) and their daughter Lexi on a secret mission to fleece Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) and take the family’s empire for themselves – but that’s not the only thing the pair have been hiding.


On Friday 12thApril it was revealed Lola has a secret fiancé she’s failed to mention to anyone else, including ex-boyfriend Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) who she ended up kissing earlier in the episode.

Controlling Ben has had a problem with Lola reconnecting with Jay since their return and has warned her to stay away from his honorary brother in case it compromises their double cross of his dad.

Sneaking around to spend time together without Ben knowing, Lola and Jay’s flirtation resulted in a smooch over a drink at the E20. Panicking she was late to pick up Lexi, Lola had to run off just as things were hotting up but flirtily promised Jay she’d call him.


Returning home she was greeted by a brooding and sinister Ben who knew she’d been with Jay and reiterated his demand she keep away from him.

Lola’s tough exterior was shaken by Ben’s aggressive behaviour when he angrily pushed her up against a wall, but as she claimed she wasn’t scared of him he played his ace and threatened to tell Jay she was engaged to someone else!


Why has Lola lied about having a fiance?

So is Lola’s fiancé? Why hasn’t she talked about him up until now? How has Ben managed to convince her to leave him behind and join him in rinsing an unsuspecting Phil?

Next week, Jay is keen to reunite romantically with Lola on a more permanent basis – will she be forced to confess she’s planning to marry another man? And is Lola in danger from Ben’s increasingly short fuse?

EastEnders, Jay Brown, Lola Pearce

“I don’t personally think he would hurt Lola,” says Bowden. “He needs her, she’s a massive asset and brings a lot of trust to his life which he doesn’t have elsewhere. Ben has become more clinical and tactical with his decisions so he knows how to push people’s buttons, and even though it’s ambiguous I believe he cares about Lola…”


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