*Warning: Contains spoilers for Tuesday's EastEnders episode (25th June 2024), currently available from Monday 24th June on BBC iPlayer.*


Stevie Mitchell (Alan Ford) was left for dead by his grandson Will Mitchell (Freddie Phillips) in the latest edition of EastEnders, as their clash got out of hand.

At a charity event held in honour of the late Lola Pearce-Brown (Danielle Harold), Stevie found himself under suspicion when the cash raised went missing.

Stevie was public enemy number one as the locals gave him the cold shoulder, but he told son Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) that he was innocent, promising to find the real thief. Meanwhile, Stevie caught up with Will, who he knew was being blackmailed after being catfished into sending a classmate an explicit photo of himself.

Questioned by Stevie over the charity funds, Will denied any involvement, and threw his grandad off the scent by pointing the finger at former drug user Gina Knight (Francesca Henry).

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In The Queen Vic, Stevie confronted Gina, who took offence as her big brother Junior Knight (Micah Balfour) escorted Stevie out.

As Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) warned him away, a furious Stevie reminded Phil of a childhood birthday party during which he took a sheriff's hat that the young Billy had won. Phil ignored Stevie, but it was clear that Stevie wasn't willing to accept Phil as the head of the Mitchell dynasty.

Mo Harris (Laila Morse) provided a listening ear for Stevie, but when he revealed that Will had sent him Gina's way, Mo gave Stevie food for thought as he considered just how desperate Will might be – enough to do something "very stupid".

Billy remained oblivious to son Will's behaviour, but after he shunned Stevie once more, Phil angered Will by repeatedly blaming Stevie for the theft. As Billy challenged Phil's status as King of the clan, Stevie followed Will home, asking for the truth.

Will apologised, but when Stevie insisted that it was time to come clean, Will refused, and when Stevie tried to stop him from leaving, Will pushed him over.

Stevie hit his head on the way down, and Will rushed off, leaving his unconscious grandad for dead. Will Stevie survive, and who will find out what Will has been up to?

As the week continues, Stevie's secret family arrives, led by Teddy (Roland Manookian). How will the Mitchells react?

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