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6 EastEnders spoilers for next week: Ian's secret revealed as Phil loses The Vic?

Dotty is not happy with Ian...

EastEnders Dotty
Published: Saturday, 13th June 2020 at 6:30 am

Well, this is our final week of 2020 Walford for a while as EastEnders ends its run on of pre-lockdown episodes which has forced the show to take a break. But before the behind-the scenes-show and classic reruns begin, let's see what next week has in store for us.


Here’s your spoilers for EastEnders between Monday 15th and Friday 19th June.

Will Dotty reveal all?

eastenders ian dotty

Where there's trouble, Dotty Cotton (Molly Conlin) is never far behind and she has been making Ian Beale’s (Adam Woodyatt) life a misery by blackmailing him over his involvement in Dennis’s death on the Thames boat disaster. This week, despite Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton) forbidding her from doing so, she sells more NOS at the club. Only this time, it becomes a police matter and convinced that Ian is harbouring a grudge over her kiss with Peter (Dayle Hudson), she assumes that he was the one who got them involved. Furious, she marches over to see him and when she does, she tells him she will tell Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) all about what he did. Is Ian’s secret about to be exposed?

Billy forces Karen to choose

eastenders billy mitch

Last week saw Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) left covered in flour when Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) pulled a practical joke as part of his efforts to win back Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley). Already agitated by Mitch’s comments that he and Karen will always end up together, he tells Karen what was said but even though she tells him there is nothing to worry about, he remains concerned. Later, a date between Billy and Karen goes wrong when she heads off worried about Keegan, leaving Billy and Mitch to engage in a friendly game of air hockey. Only the game is anything but friendly and soon tensions boil over to the point that the love rivals are brawling in the street. This leads Billy to tell Karen that she needs to make a choice - it’s him or Mitch.

Will Phil buy The Vic?

queen vic eastenders

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) has stood firm in his choice to disown Sharon) following her decision to raise baby Kayden. This week, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) finds how out how he has treated her and is appalled, demanding that The Queen Vic no longer be sold to him. But while Mick (Danny Dyer) understands her frustrations, his priority is getting the recovering alcoholic out of the pub as soon as he can. Mick later asks Sharon for help and she agrees- also thinking it is best Linda gets out from behind the bar. She puts a plan of her own into action to help them out, but what will this mean for Phil and his plans to buy back the Walford boozer?

Elsewhere on EastEnders

eastenders ben jay collapse
  • Ben Mitchell’s (Max Bowden) condition worsens this week when, after trying to hide how bad he is feeling from everyone, he ends up collapsing in front of Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick). Realising how serious things are, Jay gives him no option but to go the hospital.
  • Mitch not only has Karen on his mind, but also his son Keegan (Zack Morris) who is down in the dumps following the food van attack and break up with Tiffany (Maisie Smith). Mitch tries to persuade him to reunite with his wife, but is Keegan ready to move on?
  • Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy)’s absent father, Terry, has never been a part of her life and given how abusive he was to her mother, it is probably for the best. But a lonely Sonia decides to try and find him this week, but will she like what she finds?

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