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EastEnders spoilers: The fallout from the 35th anniversary continues as everyone's lives change...

Plus, Jean gets an update on her cancer

EastEnders Sharon
Published: Saturday, 22nd February 2020 at 7:30 am

It's been a week of relentless drama on EastEnders as the BBC soap has celebrated its 35th anniversary.


But what will happen after the fallout of the shock death? Here's all your spoilers from 24th to 28th February 2020.

Sharon's life will never be the same again

EastEnders Sharon
Poor Sharon. She really has been through a tough time on EastEnders recently. After falling for young Keanu, she was undoubtedly playing with fire as the threat of Phil finding out. But who honestly thought little Denny would be killed off? Right as she was going through one of the happiest moments in a mother's life. She has one son but has tragically lost another - what will happen as she comes to terms with the devastating loss? And what will happen when she realises it was all Ian's fault?

Whitney's behind bars, but for how long?

EastEnders Whitney
As the 35th anniversary boat crisis came to an end, Whitney was one of the main victims - but only because she couldn't cope with the guilt. After accidentally killing Leo in self-defence, Whit spent the entirety of the boat party gripping the bloodied knife while battling with her conscience, before eventually handing herself in to the police.
However, she's going to have a big battle to prove her innocence and will need help from lawyer Gray. But will he be able to get her out of prison? He has an uphill battle first, as he tries to piece together what happened. As Whitney tries to argue it was self defence, Gray needs to know if she called anyone for help. Although she lies about getting Mick's help, the lawyer isn't pleased to hear Whitney actually got a cab to the boat with the landlord and Kush. Will this have an impact on her case?

Chantelle has her worst fears confirmed

EastEnders Chantelle
Chantelle thought abusive Gray was getting the help he needed to help beat his demons, but in the coming week, the stress of Whitney's case stalls his progress. As he feels the pressure, Gray snaps at little Mackenzie and Mia. Can Gray ever fight his demons? And will Chantelle act to keep her kids safe?

Jean gets a cancer update, but is it good news?

EastEnders Jean
Jean and Daniel seem prepared to take on the world, but their battle against cancer might not have the happy ending we all hoped for. We know Daniel's condition is worsening, but how is Jean doing?
As Daniel remains completely blasé about his situation, Jean can't help but be frustrated. She makes the bold move to keen Daniel at her house after his hospice is closed, and he's touched. In true Jean style, she then enlists Mo and Kush to help her throw a surprise for Daniel. Completely shocked, he tells his lover he won't die until he knows she's ok.
Jean then has to face her oncology appointment, and she's overwhelmed to hear she's got the all clear! But she faces a dilemma - how does she tell Daniel? She decides to completely avoid the question at all and doesn't tell her lover her good news. But Big Mo lets slip the news and of course, Daniel is pleased. But will his own condition worsen? And how much time do they have left together?
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