Shirley Carter departed Walford in Thursday’s EastEnders.


Following the tragic departure of her son Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) on Christmas Day, Shirley has been grieving.

Earlier in the week, Shirley lashed out at Mick’s new step-daughter Scarlett Butcher (Tabitha Byron) out of anger at the actions of Scarlett’s mother Janine Carter (Charlie Brooks), who was arrested on Boxing Day.

However, Thursday’s episode (29th December 2022) saw Shirley make amends with Scarlett and apologise.

Shirley compared Janine to her own villainous son Dean Wicks and noted that they are not evil but are capable of evil acts.

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After a hug from Scarlett, Shirley paid a visit to her close friend Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) and paid her a tearful farewell as she revealed she no longer felt the Square was her home.

Shirley revealed that she would be going to stay with her daughter Carly Wicks as she needed to get away from Walford.

After packing up and locking up the Vic, Shirley thanked Denise Fox (Diane Parish) for calling Carly for her - Denise having once been Carly’s stepmother - and reiterated her desire to get away from the ghosts of Mick and Tina.

So, leaving Denise with guardianship of the Vic, Shirley walked out of Walford with bulldog Lady Di in tow.

So, has Shirley Carter left EastEnders for good?

Has Shirley Carter left EastEnders for good after Mick's exit?

Shirley Carter has left Walford but she has not left EastEnders. understands that actress Linda Henry has not left the soap but Shirley is stepping away from Albert Square for the time being.

Fans will no doubt breathe a sigh of relief that the legendary character is not leaving the show for good with bulldog Lady Di in tow.

Actress Kellie Bright will also be remaining in the soap as Linda Carter who recently left Walford to inform her children of Mick’s tragic disappearance.

Linda Henry as Shirley Carter in EastEnders
Linda Henry as Shirley Carter in EastEnders BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

The scenes come following the exit of Danny Dyer as Mick Carter on Christmas Day and Charlie Brooks as Janine Carter on Boxing Day.

The Queen Vic pub appears to be remaining closed for the time being and Shirley has left the pub in the care of her friend Denise Fox.

So, when will Shirley and Linda return to Albert Square?

EastEnders continues on New Year’s Day at 6.30pm on BBC One and from 6am on BBC iPlayer.

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