EastEnders has released some brand new first-look pictures of the moment Teddy Mitchell (Roland Manookian) spots another opportunity to get close to Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean).


We've already seen Teddy using his charms to try and win Sharon over, but she has so far kept him at arm's length. On Thursday (11th July 2024), though, circumstances place the pair back in each other's orbit.

Teddy and half-brother Billy (Perry Fenwick) plan a family meal, but the day takes an unexpected turn when Teddy's son Harry (Elijah Holloway) accidentally knocks a drink all over a passing Sharon on the market!

As these photos reveal, Sharon gets quite the soaking as her top is stained with the red liquid – but Teddy uses the situation to ask Sharon out again!

Harry, Teddy and Barney with their arms in the air as Sharon surveys her stained top in EastEnders
Harry's blunder gives Teddy an opportunity. BBC

Sharon politely turns him down, but later, Teddy arrives on her doorstep with a new blouse and a bottle of wine by way of apology for Harry's error.

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The question is, will Sharon be swayed? That remains to be seen, but it has to be said, Sharon has a lot on her plate right now.

She's a single mum to young son Albie (Arthur Gentleman), and is keeping her distance from Albie's father Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) after he told the boy he was his dad without asking Sharon.

Later, debt-ridden Reiss Colwell (Jonny Freeman) stitches Sharon up when doing her accounts, finding a way to line his pockets as well as taking extra cash from a grateful and oblivious Sharon.

Most crucially at the moment, though, Sharon is also keeping the dark secret of ex-lover Keanu Taylor's (Danny Walters) murder, which Phil is also aware of. So, she's under a lot of stress, and romance might be just what Sharon needs.

Is Teddy the right man, though? Sharon's extensive history with Mitchell men is complicated, and she might prefer to steer clear of yet another member of the clan!

EastEnders airs these scenes on Thursday 11th July from 6am on BBC iPlayer, or at 8:45pm on BBC One.

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