*Warning: Contains spoilers for Thursday's EastEnders episode (11th July 2024), currently available on BBC iPlayer.*


Stevie Mitchell (Alan Ford) has left Walford in emotional EastEnders scenes – but not before pulling off a sneaky revenge plot on Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden)!

After making a confession regarding son Billy's (Perry Fenwick) mother's death that shook Billy to the core, Stevie was urged to leave by his younger son Teddy (Roland Manookian). But in the wake of recent events, Stevie pulled up in a cab to try and make amends.

Stevie also made his presence felt around Phil, aware that Phil had framed him for theft. This unnerved Phil, who snapped at former stepson Tommy Moon (Sonny Kendall).

Meanwhile, Teddy tried to cheer Billy up. But when Stevie arrived at The Queen Vic, Teddy urged his brother to hear their father out, otherwise he knew that Stevie wouldn't give up.

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Stevie revealed that getting to know his grandchildren had meant the world to him, adding that he would live with the guilt and shame of his actions for the rest of his life. Stevie told his sons how proud he was of them, before leaving them to think things over.

Outside, Stevie eyed up Phil's car and warned him against alienating his loved ones, managing to steal the keys to his motor at the same time! Stevie gave them to Mo Harris (Laila Morse), who sold the car and handed Stevie a large wad of cash, which he intended to give to Billy.

When Phil realised his car had been stolen, he raged and reported it to the police, who took their time showing up! Stevie asked Billy if he could say goodbye to Will (Freddie Phillips) and Janet (Grace). He offered his grandchildren some heartwarming words, and shared a fairly amicable goodbye with Billy as he furtively left the money behind for them.

Stevie then shared a sweet goodbye kiss with a tearful Mo, as the pair considered what they could have had if he were able to stick around.

Alone and looking up at Billy's house, Stevie declared how much he loved Billy, who was struggling to keep his composure himself as he sat with Teddy. Billy soon discovered the cash, alongside a photo of Stevie, himself and late brother Charlie on a day out in 1960.

Stevie headed off in a taxi, smiling to himself as he watched Phil's dilemma play out in the Square. But is this the last we'll see of Stevie?

As we understand this is certainly an exit for Stevie, but who knows, we may see him again...

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