Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) realised that big brother Phil (Steve McFadden) is hiding a huge secret in tonight's EastEnders (11th January 2024).


Since returning to Walford, Sam has been determined to prove her worth within the family, and promptly took charge of the funeral arrangements when Phil announced that Aunt Sal Martin (Anna Karen) had passed away.

But after she found out that Sharon Watts' (Letitia Dean) young son Albie is actually Phil's child, Sam was confused as to why Phil wasn't throwing his weight around to get access.

After another bickering match with Phil's wife Kat (Jessie Wallace), Sam was unimpressed to hear that Kat may not be available to pay respects to Sal. She later spoke to Zack Hudson (James Farrar) and was shocked to learn that Sharon and Albie weren't even in the country.

Taking it upon herself to sort the situation, Sam told Zack that Phil wanted his name on Albie's birth certificate and might even fight Sharon for custody.

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But after Zack paid Phil a visit, and Phil assured him that he had no intention of dragging Sharon through the courts, Sam was in Phil's bad books for meddling.

When she caught up with Zack and remarked that Kat hardly seemed bothered by the news about Albie, Zack let slip that Kat had known the truth before Phil.

Intrigued, Sam returned home and apologised to Phil. But before he could draw breath, Sam commented on Kat's reaction and Phil's reluctance to do battle with Sharon. The penny had dropped that Sharon must have some leverage on Phil, and Sam could tell by his face that she was right.

Phil continued to deflect as he pointed out Sam's own failings, but she was clearly gearing up to play detective. Next week, Sam learns that Phil slept with Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit), and ends up announcing his fling in The Vic! How will Phil deal with Sam's betrayal?

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