EastEnders: Glenda’s bombshell news – REVEALED

Jack is left shocked by Glenda's news


Glenda Mitchell has dropped a cliffhanger surprise on Jack Branning in tonight’s EastEnders: she’s taking grandson Matthew to live with her.


She reached the decision after being lambasted during Ronnie and Roxy’s funeral for being a poor mother. Mid-way through the service, Aunt Sal chastised Glenda for abandoning her daughters during their childhood – words that obviously cut deep.

Following the burial, Glenda sat with a grieving Jack in the church and admitted that Sal had been right to say what she did. But then came the shock moment when she told Jack that Matthew would be leaving with her.

As fans of the BBC1 soap know, Matthew is Jack’s stepson, his actual parents being Charlie Cotton and the late Ronnie. But how will Jack react to Glenda’s decision? And will Charlie’s grandmother Dot have a say in the matter?

Luckily, you won’t have long to wait to find out the answer: the second of tonight’s EastEnders episodes will be shown at 9:00pm.

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