Colin Salmon is preparing for his on-screen debut on EastEnders as George Knight, the head of a new family set to cause trouble on Walford.


Now the actor has opened up on why he joined the soap, following on from his illustrious career across film and TV.

When asked what drew him to the role, Salmon said: "Chris Clenshaw [Executive Producer]!"

He added: "My wife's not well, so I can't be far from home. And the universe has thrown us something quite extraordinary, and my agent said I think you should talk to Chris.

"And Chris was passionate, he was clear, he had a vision and a clear love for the show. I find that to be the pre-requisite for any job. I like to work with people who are passionate.

"To have somebody [like Chris] in the control room, that guiding is really important."

Praising the genre, Salmon added: "I'm an East-Ender and this is a big show. Everybody I know who I've told I'm doing this got really, really excited, and some said, 'Oh don't do EastEnders...' They don't know me.

"It's a no-brainer and I'm loving it. It's a meeting of theatre, film and television. You've got to work hard - and I like working hard. I'm happy."

George and the rest of his family will arrive on EastEnders next week - but what trouble will they bring?

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