EastEnders lines up more horror for Chantelle after Gray catches her with Kheerat

Will Gray's violent tendencies prove deadly for Chantelle?

eastenders gray

While Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) is doing his best to keep Whitney out of prison for the murder of Leo, the pressures and stresses of the job are mounting on him and it’s causing his already volatile temper to flare up even more – which could end up putting Chantelle at risk.


Matters aren’t helped next week on EastEnders as Whitney’s disappearance only adds to the pressure he is under, something that could cause his anger to be triggered at the smallest of things.

His frustrations continue to grow when he learns that nobody has any idea where Whitney could have gone, the final straw being when Sonia tells him that all she has left behind is a letter.

For Chantelle, this begins to raise alarm bells as she has been the one who has had to deal with his fiery temper before and she knows all too well how nasty and violent things can get.

She begins to think of ways to help her husband through his stress, but her commitment to her job is called into question when she is distracted by all that is going on.

Tensions already frayed, the situation soon deteriorates when Gray is unable to get hold of her during a power cut – one that has left her trapped and alone with Kheerat.

As Gray continues to try and make contact with her, she frets that he may not be pleased when he learns that she has spent time alone with another man, even if it was something completely out of her control.


As for how he will react, given his state of mind and the actions he has committed in the past, it’s a fair assessment that he will once again lose his cool.

But, combined with everything else, could this end up being the time that he ends up losing it completely? And if so, is this new act of violence at that level something that Chantelle can survive?

And what about Kheerat? Could Gray instead turn his anger towards the man that got stuck with his wife?

With how unpredictable Gray can be, there’s no telling the damage he could end up doing.

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