A familiar face arrives on the Coronation Street cobbles this week in the form of Geoffrey 'Spider' Nugent, with actor Martin Hancock reprising the role he last played almost 20 years ago.


Spider is the nephew of Emily Bishop (Eileen Derbyshire), as well as the ex-boyfriend of Toyah Habeeb (Georgia Taylor). And it's Toyah's ongoing storyline that Spider will be embroiled in in upcoming scenes.

Viewers have seen Toyah hit rock bottom in recent weeks, after being charged with the murder of her husband Imran (Charlie de Melo). She was driving the car when Imran admitted his misdemeanours to her. An enraged Toyah crashed the vehicle into a wall, and he died in the aftermath.

While on bail, she is attempting to get on with her life and and after being sacked from the factory, Toyah turns back to her passion for activism as she launches a protest. But when the situation spirals, Spider chooses that moment to pitch up by Toyah's side, leaving her stunned by this unexpected reunion.

Toyah can't believe her eyes when Spider turns up

Still, it's not long before Toyah opens up to Spider and they have a heart-to-heart, and she invites him to stay at her now empty flat. Exactly what brings Spider back to Weatherfield is still under wraps, but given that he's been off-screen for so long, you may be in need of a reminder of his history.

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What happened between Spider and Toyah in Coronation Street - and where has he been?

Spider in Coronation Street (ITV)
Spider in Coronation Street

Eco-warrior Spider first appeared in Coronation Street back in 1997, when he popped by to visit his 'Auntie Em', hoping for a place to stay. Spider campaigned against a development in the Red Rec and later ran against Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) in the council elections. A teenage Toyah developed a crush on him, but it took a while for them to start dating.

Toyah shared Spider's passion for environmental issues, but their relationship broke down when Spider wanted to move to India and Toyah did not. In 2000, he left for India while Toyah stayed on the Street. But the following year, Spider was back and came face to face with Toyah once again. This was only a brief visit, as he asked Emily for money to open a juice bar in London, where he ultimately settled down.

Coronation Street's Spider hasn't been seen since 2003

Then, in 2003, Emily was attacked and left for dead by serial killer Richard Hillman, and Spider rushed to Weatherfield to be by her side. Thankfully, the soap gods decided against killing off the much-loved Emily, and Spider planned to head back home.

But with Toyah having suffered a traumatic time after being raped and then cheated on, Spider offered his support as a friend and invited her to join him in London for a fresh start.

Toyah agreed, and the pair departed together soon after. Viewers know that Toyah and Spider reunited as a couple off-screen, but eventually they split again and Toyah married a man called Toby. Spider eventually left London for Peru to do charity work, where Emily visited him at New Year in 2016. Later that same year, Toyah returned to Coronation Street – and has endured plenty of drama ever since.

There are still a few gaps to be filled in the timeline, as we haven't seen Spider for a whopping 19 years. Will we hear more about Spider's life away from the cobbles? Only time will tell!

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