Coronation Street baby lie: Peter reels as Toyah reveals the truth – “It’s catastrophic,” says Georgia Taylor

The fallout from Toyah's confession looks set to be huge


The truth is out next week on Coronation Street when Toyah owns up to Peter that their baby Susie is actually Eva and Aidan’s daughter. Unable to continue with the lie after Aidan’s funeral, Toyah tells Peter next Friday how she persuaded Eva (who was secretly pregnant with a baby that she didn’t want) to pretend her kid was the one their surrogate lost. But Aidan’s death has changed everything and now Toyah wants to give Susie back to Eva.


“It’s like ripping of a plaster and she just knows in that moment, that it is the right thing to do,” says Georgia Taylor of the moment where Toyah makes her confession to Peter. “She doesn’t know what the fallout is going to be but then it’s catastrophic and even worse in a way than she ever thought it could be.”

So how does Toyah feel when she’s looking at Peter and Eva’s faces after telling them the truth? “It’s horrendous because this isn’t just about Toyah telling Peter that Susie is not her child. What she’s also failed to tell Peter is that their baby has died, so this is a real double-whammy.

“So Peter has to try and process all of this information. The fact that their child died months ago and he hasn’t been given the opportunity to grieve for their baby. All the betrayal, anger, hurt and grief just explodes in him and he’s in so much pain.”


Recent tabloid reports revealed that Peter will quit as landlord of the Rovers Return in the wake of the revelations, saying that he no longer wants to run the pub with the duplicitous Toyah. Speaking about the filming of the bust-up, Taylor adds:

“It was really tough – Toyah and Peter have had their ups and downs but this was something else. These scenes are really full on. And it’s really heartbreaking to see because, for once, Peter hasn’t done anything wrong – he really hasn’t! Chris [Gascoyne] is fantastic, he’s just wonderful and I have loved working with him since I’ve been back.”


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