Sally Dynevor has offered a preview of Coronation Street's huge upcoming week, which sees Stephen Reid's (Todd Boyce) killer crimes finally exposed to the locals.


The news comes just as the star's alter ego Sally Metcalfe's husband Tim (Joe Duttine) disappears. While Sal initially thinks that Tim has abandoned her on their wedding anniversary to go drinking, panic sets in when he fails to return home the next day.

Speaking to and other media at a recent press event, Dynevor, who has played Corrie icon Sally for 37 years, explains what's going through her character's mind at this point. "Tim would always get in touch with Sally. I think Sally thinks, 'He would have rang me at this point, if he was hungover.'

"But this is the next day, so now I think she is really, really worrying about him: 'Where is he, why hasn't he got in contact with me, where's his phone?'"

Well, poor Tim has been caught snooping by Stephen, who tries to strangle Tim in his own cab! Stephen then knocks him unconscious with a brick - but has he killed Tim? We can't tell you that, but there's plenty more to delve into while we wait for the episodes to air.

Tim Metcalfe looking scared as Stephen Reid sits in the back of his cab in Coronation Street
Stephen tries to kill Tim! ITV

As gossip about Stephen spreads, there's a big turning point for Sally. "It's only [when] she's in... I think I'm in Roy's Rolls with Gail, when Elaine comes in and says that the Platts have all been chatting, and [Stephen] has murdered people that he didn't get on with.

"It clicks with Sally," reveals the actress. "She goes, 'Oh my God, he never got on with Tim!'"

As for what happens next, it looks like Sally is very much at the heart of the story. "Sally and Gail and Elaine hear about the body at the canal, and decide that they're going to take a walk and see what's going on.

"After the canal, they go to the police station and they tell the police everything they know, and say, 'Is that body Tim's?' Sally comes out with it and just says, 'You have to tell me, he's my husband,' and he says, 'No, it's actually not your husband, because he's only been missing a couple of nights and this body's been in there a while.'

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"So there's a bit of relief, but Sally has no idea what's happened."

That relief is short-lived when DS Swain (Vicky Myers) takes Sally to one side to tell her of a chilling discovery. "She takes her through to the back and she says, 'Look, we did find this,' and it's Tim's wallet that Sally got him for [their] anniversary," she explains.

"So then, obviously, Sally's really, really worried, and then I'm sure she really believes that Stephen has got something to do with this. [She's] confused by it all; what happened? Is he still alive? Has Stephen got him?"

Until now, Sally has always been very obviously impressed by Stephen. It's brought out a side in Sally that we all love. But as the penny drops about his evil deeds, Dynevor teases, everything changes.

"Everything's coming together. She is definitely starting to worry about if Stephen's involved in Tim's disappearance. But she's got no idea what's going on.

"I mean, Sally's always liked Stephen, she's been saying to Tim all along, 'He's a nice guy, I work with him, I don't know why you dislike him so much!' Tim really hates him, and has tried to dissuade his mum [from going] out with him, but Sally could never see that, she just sees a really nice guy!

"There does become a point where, obviously, Stephen's missing and everyone's worried about what he's done and who the body is in the canal. So I think all those things are now suddenly coming to light, and she is kind of seeing him for what he is. But again, still, I'm not sure she knows that Tim is with him."

Coronation Street airs these scenes from Monday 9th October on ITV.

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