Will Paul get arrested for attack on Kel in Coronation Street?

Here's what happens next after that shock Corrie assault...


Paul Foreman’s future on Coronation Street has been thrown into doubt as he faces pressure to confess after putting his predatory stepdad Kel in a coma.


Vicar Billy has told Paul that he needs to go to the police and tell them about both his crime and the sexual abuse he endured as a teenager. But will Paul find the courage to open up about his past? And what will happen to Kel now that he’s been rushed to Weatherfield General?


When we return to Corrie on Wednesday, doctors will reveal that Kel suffered a bleed on the brain as a result of his attack, but that he should make a full recovery. Investigating officers then quiz him about what happened, but he makes out that he was jumped by strangers.

Paul, meanwhile, returns from the police station and admits to Billy that he couldn’t bring himself to report Kel as it would have meant raking up his traumatic history. Kel too is desperate that the truth remains hidden and makes out to Bernie that his fight with Paul was his fault as he made a homophobic jibe. To Paul’s humiliation, Bernie then forces him to apologise.


Once alone, though, Kel threatens Paul and tells him that if he breathes a word about their relationship, he’ll inform the police about the assault. Feeling dejected and defeated, Paul decides to pack his bags and head to the tram stop, despite Summer’s pleas that he talks to Billy first. An emotional showdown will then see Paul ultimately breaking down in Billy’s arms, but will the vicar be able to halt his plans to leave town for good?


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