Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) received an almighty shock in tonight's Coronation Street (12th October), as he finally found out who was responsible for the murder that he was charged and imprisoned for decades ago.


The day began on a high for Stu, who was thrilled that close friend Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King) had managed to persuade his daughter Bridget Woodrow (Beth Vyse) to come round for lunch with his granddaughter Eliza (Savannah Kunyo).

Stu laid out a variety of treats for a special brunch, and Yasmeen joined him and his family as they all got to know each other. Eliza and Stu bonded over their musical talents, and Stu offered to get his guitar so that Eliza could play a song - but the mood shifted for Bridget after Eliza asked her grandad when he learned to play the guitar.

He replied that he learned while he was in prison, and this led to a curious Eliza asking Stu what it was like being in jail. Stu was happy enough to answer any questions she had, but Bridget fled the room and rushed outside.

While Yasmeen kept Eliza busy, Stu followed his daughter and saw how upset she was. Stu explained that although his time inside was tough, the worst part of it was missing out on watching Bridget grow up.

This declaration only served to distress Bridget more as she told her dad how sorry she was. With Stu still wondering who could have killed Charlie Walters, the young woman he had an affair with, this was the unexpected moment that saw the mystery solved once and for all.

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Yasmeen and Stu in Coronation Street
Stu (Bill Fellows) confided in Yasmeen (Shelley King). ITV

Bridget sobbed as she revealed that she was the one who murdered Charlie, leaving Stu lost for words. She explained the full story as she recounted how she had, as a teen, headed out to meet her father at work so she could show him a school project she had excelled in.

But when Bridget arrived at the restaurant Stu worked at, she saw him in the car with Charlie. Charlie got out of the car and Stu drove away without noticing his daughter was nearby. As Stu told her, he had headed out to a casino at the time. Meanwhile, Bridget followed Charlie to a bus stop and watched as she took out a book to read.

Bridget knocked the book out of her hands and confronted Charlie over her affair with Stu. But Charlie replied that Stu was an adult who could make his own decisions, before instructing Bridget to go home and play with her toys. In a rage, Bridget hit Charlie with her clay model, and Charlie was dead on impact.

Bridget called her mum Lucy (Lynda Rooke), who arrived and helped her daughter move the girl's body before allowing Stu to be blamed, charged and found guilty, despite knowing he was innocent.

Stu was shell-shocked to learn that not only was his own flesh and blood a murderer, but her mother had covered for her without letting him in on all that had happened. After telling him everything, Bridget left in a hurry, forcing an oblivious Eliza to go with her.

Stu revealed the secret to Yasmeen who struggled to comprehend the situation, but it wasn't long before Lucy arrived, asking to speak to Stu. He took her to Victoria Garden, where she explained that she had a split second to make a choice on that fateful night.

Stu was furious when Lucy shifted the blame, but there was sadness when he pointed out that had she involved him, he would have agreed to take the blame anyway. And if so, at least he would have served the time knowing exactly why.

Stu began to think about Bridget and what was best for her and Eliza as he returned home. Talking to Yasmeen again, he said he would rather keep them in his life than let his daughter be punished for what she had done. Yasmeen was uneasy as she took in the fact that he would want her to keep quiet about what she knew.

Meanwhile, thanks to a determined Alya Nazir (Sair Khan), lawyer Dee Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) remains unaware that Stu had already asked for his case to be dropped. She left Alya a message to tell her that the DNA tests would be back soon, which could prove Alya's suspicion that Lucy was involved in the murder.

So, despite Stu's decision, it looks like the net is closing in on Bridget and Lucy. Will they be going to prison for their crimes?

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