After years of wondering, Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) is finally about to hear the truth over the murder of Charlie Walters, the young woman he was falsely convicted of killing. But who is the real culprit? Elsewhere, as Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) discovers new death threats following her stalker horror, and suspicion falls on troublesome teen Max Turner (Paddy Bever). Meanwhile, Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) is in a panic over Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor) making contact.


Tracy McDonald (Kate Ford) also struggles to deal with dad Ken Barlow (William Roache) rekindling his relationship with ex-lover Wendy Papadopoulos (Roberta Kerr). What will she do? Speaking of schemers, Fern (Gabrielle Glaister) is back, this time to fool her double, Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove). Aaron Sandford (James Craven) and Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) face a tough time, and Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) makes an unfortunate error!

Here's all you need to know about Coronation Street from 10th - 14th October 2022.

7 Coronation Street spoilers next week

1. Stu learns the truth about Charlie's murder

Bridget in Coronation Street
Bridget has a shock in store for her dad. ITV

As Stu meets with daughter Bridget (Beth Vyse) in the Rovers, Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King) guesses that she and her daughter Eliza want to continue contact with Stu, but that Stu's ex-wife Lucy Woodrow (Lynda Rooke) is against it. Yasmeen later tells granddaughter Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) and Stu that Bridget and Eliza are coming round the next day without telling Lucy. Stu is thrilled, but he's about to receive an almighty shock.

Bridget and Eliza enjoy brunch with Yasmeen and Stu, but when Eliza asks Stu about prison it becomes too much for Bridget who runs out into the garden. Stu follows her and offers comfort, discussing how angry he felt over being in jail for a crime he didn't commit - but he is soon left shocked by what Bridget has to say.

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Meanwhile, Alya receives a voicemail from Dee Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown), who explains that the DNA results are due. When she hears what they reveal, Alya is shocked; but little does she know that Stu knows the truth and is now feeling lighter for it as Yasmeen struggles over what he's told her. What really happened, and what action will be taken?

2. Max accused as Maria receives new threats

David and Max stood next to each other
Max is under suspicion. ITV

Max is upset when he learns that he cannot return to Weatherfield High as there are no more places available. It turns out that his new friend Daryan will be attending the school, and Max accuses him of stealing his place. But it's not long before this is the least of Max's problems. When Maria shows David (Jack P Shepherd) and Shona Platt (Julia Goulding) some new comments from trolls that give away her place of work, David becomes suspicious when Max later refuses to share his laptop.

David tells Shona he thinks that Max is behind it in revenge over Daryan. As David vows to confront his son, Shona is worried and Max denies knowing anything about the situation. Max blanks David after being interrogated by the police, and soon the police arrive to talk to them. What will they reveal? Is Max guilty, or has David made a terrible mistake?

3. Evil Harvey haunts Leanne

Leanne and Nick, Coronation Street
Leanne needs to know what Harvey wants. ITV

When Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) receives a letter from Harvey - no doubt thanks to Nick's son Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) recently making contact - he shows a shocked Leanne that they have both been sent prison visiting orders. They agree not to respond, and Nick disposes of the letters.

But Leanne is struggling and as she admits to Nick that she's a bag of nerves, she tells him she won't be able to rest until she knows what Harvey wants. Will the pair agree to go and see Harvey? And what does he have to say to them? Is he feeling any remorse for his awful actions, or does he have something even more evil up his sleeve?

4. Tracy won't accept Wendy

Ken, Wendy, Tracy in Coronation Street
Tracy makes a scene. ITV

Wendy gifts Ken with tickets to a book launch for his birthday, and as Ken discusses the play with pal Mary Taylor (Patti Clare), he rushes off after a text from Wendy. Mary tells Tracy and Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) that Ken ditched her and lied to her face, and Tracy is furious when she realises what's going on. At the book launch, Tracy arrives and makes her feelings about Ken and Wendy very clear in true Tracy style.

As the week continues, Ken is gobsmacked when Tracy suddenly apologises for making a scene on his birthday and offers to cook lunch for Wendy to welcome her into the family. But as Tracy serves up Deirdre's speciality stuffed marrow, Ken is fuming with his daughter's devious plotting! Will Tracy ever back down, or can she make peace with Wendy?

5. Fern tricks Bernie

Fern and Bernie in Coronation Street
What is Fern up to? ITV

Bernie announces she's taking on an extra cleaning job at a high-end agency so she can contribute more money to the household, but Fern arrives and reveals that the agency is dodgy and she should steer clear. Bernie is left disappointed, and when Fern sends her out for a takeaway, Fern steals a bank statement and a top of Bernie's before rushing out of the house.

When Bernie returns, she finds Fern has disappeared - but Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) is sceptical as she questions if Fern even exists. She declares that mum Bernie is far too old to have an imaginary friend, but can Bernie prove Fern is real? And has Fern stolen her job?

6. More trouble for Summer and Aaron

Aaron and Summer in Coronation Street
Aaron pulls away from Summer in his time of need. ITV

Aaron is bombarded with angry texts from his violent dad, and and Summer begs him not to go home, so Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) and Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) offer to check up on him. When they return, they report that Aaron's dad was drunk and angry. When the police turn up, Aaron is stunned by the news that his dad is in hospital after a fire. Aaron is relieved when he dad, Eric, regains consciousness, but is heartbroken when he wishes he hadn't survived.

Aaron blames himself for leaving his dad alone, and Summer pleads with him to let her help - but he tells her he must focus on his dad alone, leaving her crushed. As a distraction, she agrees to help at a charity event, but will Summer be able to convince Aaron to lean on her in the same way she had relied on him?

7. Tim slips up over Aggie

Aggie, Sally and Tim in Coronation Street.
Tim's blunder causes drama! ITV

With Tim's anniversary gift to wife Sally (Sally Dynevor) a hit with her, he feels guilty when she reciprocates by treating him to a night at the Bistro - because the gift was all down to pal Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw)! Aggie tells Tim that that she lied to her husband Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) that the necklace from Tim was an old piece of jewellery.

Tim agrees to back her up and thinks no more of it as he joins Sally for a workout that leads to passion. They head to the Bistro, where Ed then asks them to join him and Aggie. Aggie feels awkward as Sally admires her necklace, with no idea it was from Tim. As Tim realises that Aggie is puzzled by his and Sally's flirtatious behaviour, he types her a secret text - but sends it to Sally instead! What does the message say, and how will Sally react?

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