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5 Coronation Street spoilers for next week: Bethany leaves, plus Sarah and Adam get married

And Geoff begs Yasmeen not to leave him

Published: Saturday, 29th February 2020 at 8:00 am

The Platts are in the spotlight thanks to Sarah's wedding to Adam, as well as Bethany's exit from Weatherfield. But there's drama elsewhere too as Geoff continues to manipulate Yasmeen, while Jade makes a pass at Tyrone. Read on for all of your Coronation Street spoilers for the week ahead, between Monday 2nd March and Friday 6th February 2020.


Wedding bells for Sarah and Adam


Marriage fever has hit Weatherfield, something that I reckon is down to the fact that bride Sarah Platt and groom Adam Barlow look like they ought to be on the cover of one of those glossy magazines offering tips on how to have your dream wedding day. Amazingly, it appears that the two of them are going to get hitched without a hitch, which is more than can be said for the other residents thinking of tying the knot.

Maria and Gary, for instance, have excitedly agreed on a date, but she’s currently unaware of the fact that he bumped off loan shark Rick Neelan in June of last year and buried his body in the woods. And then there’s Daniel, whose proposal to Bethany on Wednesday will be marred by him being half-cut and in possession of the ring worn by his late wife Sinead, who’s barely cold in her grave. And they say that romance is dead.

Bye-bye, Bethany

coronation street bethany platt

Now, speaking of Bethany, it’s really beggared belief that she would have opted to stay around for so long. For the first 15 years of her life, she enjoyed an enviable, sun-kissed life in Milan. But then she rocked up here and, in no time at all, was feuding with local gangster Callum and getting sexually exploited by Nathan, before being shamed by the likes of Beth and Tracy for her admittedly ill-timed flirtations with Daniel.

But then this is the path that most soap heroines seem to travel: arrive acting all carefree and bubbly, leave after being crushed and broken. So, I wish you well, Bethany. Here’s hoping you’ll be a little less cursed now that you’ve freed yourself from the shackles of the Street. And good luck to actress Lucy Fallon. It must be hard to make an impact in a screen family as well established as the Platts. But we, as viewers, never lost interest in Bethany, despite the writers often giving her far too much to cry about.

Geoff pleads with Yasmeen


Has there been a more disturbing sight on Corrie this year than Geoff serving up Charlotte Bronte the Chicken for Yasmeen to eat? The trouble is that a discombobulated Yasmeen doesn’t yet have the mental wherewithal to ditch her manipulative other half. Upcoming scenes will see Alya edging closer to discovering the truth when she persuades her gran that they should take a walk together after hearing that she’s been seen crying.

But when Geoff returns to an empty house, he panics is reduced to tears himself. When Yasmeen comes home, she finds Geoff in an upset state and is once again persuaded to stay. When will her nightmare end?

Jade misreads the signals


Anyone who believed Jade’s vendetta against Fiz had come to an end needs to think again! Believing that Tyrone has the power to allow her to have increased contact with Hope, Jade calls round to see him in order to plead for more access. But an innocent Ty is blindsided when Jade’s attempts to get her own way result in her making a pass at him. Bad move, Jade. It’s not exactly a tactic that’ll endear her to an already suspicious Fiz.

Nina makes plans


Carla’s attempts to help Nina feel more settled on the Street look set to take an unexpected turn. Instead of joining Simon, Asha and Amy at a gig in town, Nina decides to join Roy on his night-time excursion to go bat hunting. Bonding over bats – who’d have guessed it was possible?


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