Coronation Street star Rob Mallard has weighed in on his character Daniel Osbourne's reaction to his girlfriend's health scare.


In upcoming scenes, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) tells Daniel she has found a lump in her breast, leaving him spiralling over the possibility of losing her.

Daniel lost his wife Sinead to cervical cancer in 2019 and is terrified he may go down the same road with his new partner.

"It's his worst nightmare that it would either happen to him or someone else that he cares about," Mallard explained.

"Then doubly worse, this is someone that Bertie is growing closer to, a second chance of a mother figure for him and yet again this woman he loves might be struck down with cancer. It triggers all of the possible responses you might expect.

"It's quite a selfish response – you think, I've been through this once and I can't do it again because you know what's going to happen, you know what each of you are going to go through."

Daniel's fears and the prospect of leaving Bertie without a mother figure get the best of him, as he doesn't show up to Daisy's GP appointment in order to go to the pub instead.

"He does something that all Barlows seem to do, he gets smashed," the actor joked. "I believe it's even a term – getting Barlowed!

"He doesn't mean to, his plan is to meet her at the GP surgery, but he's so nervous he finds himself in the pub having a whiskey."

Rob Mallard as Daniel Osbourne and Charlotte Jordan as Daisy Midgeley talk in a scene of Coronation Street.
Daisy and Daniel talk on Coronation Street. ITV

Daisy has to attend her appointment alone, deeply disappointed in Daniel who tries to make up for his behaviour later on.

"She understandably tells him to leave, as you would after being embarrassed in such a serious situation," Mallard said.

"It's not what she needs, he's not stepped up for her. It's a good indicator of how someone reacts under those kinds of pressures, and what they'll be like in the future."

Will Daniel's selfish reaction jeopardise his relationship with Daisy?

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