Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) was left horrified in tonight's Coronation Street (23rd May), as partner Phill Whittaker's (Jamie Kenna) big secret was exposed.


Last week, Fiz's ex Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) spotted Phill conducting a meeting with a man, during which he handed over a mysterious envelope. This was made all the more suspicious by the fact that Phill had lied to Fiz that he would be in Leeds seeking out roof tiles for their new house.

Tonight on the ITV soap, Fiz's troublesome young daughter Hope (Isabella Flanagan) borrowed Phill's laptop to play games, as she was home sick from school. But when he wasn't looking, she had a look through his files...

John Stape in Coronation Street
John Stape in Coronation Street ITV

Not long later, Hope was found by a stunned Phill on the digger on the driveway - and she was in no mood to listen to his pleas to come down. Pulling one of the levers, the arm of the digger swung round until it smashed the windscreen of Phill's car. Fiz and Tyrone arrived on the scene in shock, and Tyrone took the little girl back to No.9.

But as Tyrone quizzed Hope on why she had done something so "naughty" (might be understating it a bit, Ty!) Hope asked if she was bad like her dad, John Stape (Graeme Hawley). Soon Fiz was answering a call from Tyrone, and the truth came out.

On Phill's computer, Hope had discovered a large amount of information about John and all his crimes. As she confronted Phill, Fiz was incredulous as he explained that her distress after being recognised by his friend Graham had inspired him to write a tell-all book on John, telling Fiz's side of the story! As if that was ever going to make her feel better...

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Phill couldn't help himself as he continued to pitch his idea, completely failing to read the room. It was then up to Fiz and Tyrone to talk to Hope, left with little choice but to go through everything John had done.

coronation street fiz stape

In moving performances from McAlpine and young co-star Flanagan, Fiz stuck up for John during the conversation; saying that he had loved her and Hope, and simply made a few bad choices.

Tyrone couldn't help but love having Fiz back under his roof as she and their girls moved back in. But what will happen next? Are Phill and Fiz really over for good? Is Phill rotten to the core or massively misguided?

Might Tyrone and Fiz be reunited? And how will Hope cope with the traumatic revelations about her serial killer father?

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