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Coronation Street preview: 8 huge spoilers for autumn

Corrie boss Iain MacLeod has exclusively revealed what's to come this autumn on the cobbles.

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Published: Thursday, 3rd September 2020 at 12:01 am

As we head into the autumn, Coronation Street starts to approach its 60th birthday, which means we're bound to see some drama enfold on the cobbles throughout the latter end of the year.


In an interview with and other press, producer Iain MacLeod has provided a sneak peak at what's to come for Weatherfield residents in the next few months – here's everything you need to know.

1. Leanne, Oliver and Steve

Oliver in hospital - Leanne and Steve in Coronation Street

Poor Oliver has been struggling with his health since viewers found out he'd been diagnosed with an incurable form of mitochondrial disease in June, with worried parents Leanne and Steve struggling to deal with his terminal diagnosis.

Now Corrie Iain McLeod has hinted that we're likely to see that storyline progress until the end of the year, with Oliver's illness causing a knock-on effect for his parents and their partners.

"I love the Leanne/Oliver/Steve story – it's incredibly moving and it powers momentum from September to the end of the year," he said.

"That has tentacles of storylines and colossal ripples across the street," he continued. "There are interesting stories that come out of that – Nick’s secret from the past that could de-rail his relationship with Leanne. There’s a huge story for Simon and Leanne with huge momentum into next year and there’s a big story for Steve and Tracy too, as you’d expect."

2. Debbie Webster vs Abi Franklin

corrie debbie webster abi franklin

Debbie Webster only recently returned to the cobbles at the end of August, but MacLeod has revealed that she doesn't waste time before meddling in her brother's already rocky relationship with Abi Franklin.

"It's a fairly bumpy road for Kevin and Abi and it will involve Debbie Webster," he said.

"At first she is sympathetic but it disintegrates into an epic feud. Both have relationships with Kevin but come to despise each other. But they have to work together for a common goal sometimes. Corrie does epic feuds – we are taking a bit of a cue from Gail and Eileen."

3. Daniel and Nicky's friendship to impact Yasmeen's trial

coronation street nicky daniel

MacLeod also promised more from Daniel Osbourne, who's still grieving for his late wife Sinead, and his dependence on escort Nicky.

"We have more for Daniel – we have seen his slightly messed up friendship with Nicky," he said. "That will go on for some time but not the way you are expecting. It draws in Geoff at a certain point which becomes significant for Yasmeen’s trial in a huge way – that’s going to be really big."

4. Peter and Abi grow closer


Carla Connor's suspicions about Peter Barlow and Abi Franklin's friendship are due to grow in the coming months as Peter continues to help Abi with her drug problems.

"Carla and Peter, perennial favourites – Peter and Abi’s chemistry performance wise means that Peter will be involved in her story. I have always thought it was an interesting common ground with dealing with substance abuse issues," MacLeod said.

He added that the drama is set to culminate on Coronation Street's 60th anniversary in December. "They will grow closer and that will blow up in an explosive way – it’s not an affair, it won’t be what you think. But their entanglement will have a massive impact on the 60th."

5. Kel's suspected death strains Paul and Billy's relationship


MacLeod also hinted that Kel's potential death is set to affect Paul Foreman in a complicated way, which could hinder his relationship with Billy Mayhew.

"There's a story kicking off with Paul and his historical abuse," he said. "He will suspect that Kel has died and will have extremely complex emotions around that and it may blow up the relationship with Billy in spectacular fashion."

He added: "It’s teetering on the edge just as Todd comes back. Todd sees Billy as the love of his life – can he resist wading in with his size tens and picking that relationship apart? I think we all know the answer to that."

6. Tragedy set to hit Weatherfield

MacLeod revealed that a "huge story" involving Asha, Nina, Aadi and Kelly next year, with tragic consequences. "They will be mixed up in a hard hitting story and massive ramifications for Roy and Abi. It’ll be one of our biggest, serious social responsibility stories next year by a margin. It’s incredibly sad and tragic but a really important story."

7. Eileen to romance a mystery man

Coronation street eileen grimshaw

Todd's return to Weatherfield may not be ideal for Eileen, but MacLeod has teased that it leads her to become involved with a brand new character.

"Eileen’s son will return and cause her no end of grief but it throws a brand new character into Eileen’s orbit who has deep roots in Corrie history and law," he said.

"He’s one of our archetypal Northern comedy characters who will turn her life upside down in a fun fashion. A will they/won’t they that will keep people guessing. Keep your eyes peeled in first week of six episodes for his first mention!"

8. David and Shona get their happy ending

david shona coronation street

It's been a tough year for David Platt and Shona Ramsey after she was shot on Christmas Day, falling into a coma and forgetting her marriage to David – but MacLeod has hinted that things will start to look up for the pair.

"There is a hopeful start to a resolution for David and Shona – new Shona may find love for David and vice versa. We wanted it to be unusual and two people falling in love together again after becoming strangers," he said.


"There is a happy ending – it will be resolving around Christmas and I am really pleased with the story. New Shona is filterless, is abrupt and brutal and we will retain a lot of that going forward. My mum had a serious head injury in my teens – it can permanently shift your personality – not necessarily in a damaging heinous way but it means people have to get to know you again so it would be dishonest to just hit reset."

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