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Fans have a lot of very weird theories about how Steve Trevor could return in Wonder Woman 2

Magic water? Divine intervention? Or just some weird hallucinations? Chris Pine’s return has us all flummoxed…

Published: Thursday, 14th June 2018 at 12:15 pm

So now we know that Chris Pine will be returning for the Wonder Woman sequel, with his character Steve Trevor – a World War One pilot who appeared to have died after his plane exploded at the close of the first film – rejoining Diana (Gal Gadot) in the 1980s, mysteriously alive and having not aged a day.


In an image tweeted by director Patty Jenkins, Pine even has some 1980s-appropriate casualwear on (including a fannypack in on-set photos), leading fans to wonder – how on Earth could Steve be alive and well, and not aged well into his 90s?

Already, a few theories are springing up. Flashbacks seem unlikely given his new outfit, but some fans reckon he’s probably some sort of hallucination that will appear to Diana at some point during the film.

Note that new villain Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) has used hallucinogenic poisons in the past – could the two be connected?

Others, meanwhile, wonder if divine intervention could be at hand, with some of the Greek pantheon (who have a connection to Diana through her “father” Zeus) including Hades releasing him from his death.

And then there’s this theory, which might be our favourite yet, and comes off scenes from the first Wonder Woman when Steve took a special bath on the Amazons’ island.

Whatever the real reason, we’re feeling like it might be a bit of a logical leap – but in a genre that’s already so heightened, does it really matter? In actual comic-books, superheroes and their friends have been regularly killed and resurrected for decades, so why should the films be any different?

Let’s be honest – any excuse to bring back Chris Pine will end up being good enough for most of us. Let’s just say he was frozen and/or given super-soldier serum and be done with it.


The Wonder Woman sequel will be released in November 2019


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