Upload debuted on Amazon Prime Video back on 1st May 2020, with fans calling it a perfect mixture of The Good Place and Black Mirror.


This show’s premise follows the reality of a digital afterlife. Set around a decade into the future, humanity has developed immortality without the use of cryogenic freezing. Nathan, a computer programmer, has met an untimely demise so his girlfriend makes the call to preserve his consciousness in the landmark software.

The Office US and Parks & Recreation creator Greg Daniels made his Amazon Original showrunning debut with the comedy drama, shortly before he also released Space Force a few weeks later on Netflix.

Interestingly, Daniels has previously said that he hadn't seen The Good Place or Black Mirror before making Upload, which was based on an idea he'd had for years but has only now been able to realise.

Now, viewers are keen to know when we'll be returning to the sci-fi, so read on for everything you need to know about Upload season two.

Will there be a season 2 of Upload?

There will be a season 2 of Upload! The show was renewed by Amazon Studios shortly after it launched in May 2020.

Robbie Amell, who plays protagonist Nathan, also uploaded (ahem) a shot of the cast on Twitter as shooting on the second season got under way in January 2021.

Season two wrapped in April 2021.

Upload season 2 release date

We are yet to have a confirmed release date for Upload season two, although if the first season timetable matches up, we'd expect the second season to drop a month or two after the first trailer.

Upload season 2 cast

With the concept not allowing characters to get 'killed off' (that is, if people in the mortal world choose not to 'upload'), we expect the same cast for season two. Here are the characters who featured in all 10 episodes of the first run and are likely to be back.

  • Nathan played by Robbie Amell
  • Nora played by Andy Allo
  • Ingrid played by Allegra Edwards
  • Aleesha played by Zainab Johnson
  • Lucy played by Andrea Rosen
  • Luke played by Kevin Bigley
  • AI Guy played by Owen Daniels (Greg Daniels’ son!)

Meanwhile, new additions revealed by the production so far include Matteo, played by Paulo Costanzo, and Tinsley, played by Mackenzie Cardwell.

Upload season 2 trailer

Don't fall for any fake trailers on YouTube – an official trailer for season 2 is yet to be released!


Upload season 2 spoilers

With the lack of a trailer and official information from Amazon Studios, we can only speculate on what is to happen next.

Ingrid - Nathan’s girlfriend who strong-armed the plan for his upload - was revealed to be Lakeview’s newest resident at the end of the previous season. For her upload to take form, we can deduce that she’s died in some way, so expect season two to reveal how this came to be.

Nathan and Nora will also have to decide whether they should grow closer too, with Ingrid now added to mix. And will Nathan squander another update, if he even gets one? He'll have to deal with the revelation that he wasn't quite as good as we'd been led to believe, of course...

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One thing’s for sure, we doubt Daniels and co will delay in giving the fans what they want.


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