This incredible Turkish company is building actual real-life Transformers

Warning: it’s not clear whether they’re Decepticons or Autobots


Man the lifeboats. The machines are finally rising. And it’s all thanks to 12 engineers from Letvision, a Turkish manufacturing company who have completed a real-life transformer after an eight-month build.


The Turkish transformer can be controlled (for the moment) by remote control, meaning it can park at the flick of a few switches before converting into a rather stiff-looking robot.

Letvision say you can’t actually drive the ‘Letron’ from the inside, nor does the transformer walk when it’s stood up. However, the car comes with wifi compatibility and ‘voice interaction’ software, so that’s something.

The company are developing the machine’s capabilities, as well as a new family of transformers – news they broke accompanied by some terrifying music.


Somebody get Shia LaBeouf on the line, just in case this gets out of control.