This Doctor Who fan discovered a Time Lord in their family tree

The resemblance is uncanny, you have to admit


It’s impossible to know exactly what the Doctor gets up to outside his televised adventures in Doctor Who (we’re assuming a lot of the time he goes to planets where everything’s fine and he just has a nice time), and we certainly don’t know much about his family state.


So we can’t entirely rule out the possibility that this family photo uncovered by one Doctor Who fan is exactly as it seems – proof that Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor had a secret human family in 19th-century Texas.

OK, sure – it’s more likely that redditor CocoRichelle’s great great uncle Jim Juby actually just bears an uncanny resemblance to Matt Smith, rather than being an actual time-travelling alien – but you have to admit, it’s pretty fishy.

If nothing else, we think this fan should get their chest scanned for any extra hearts…


Doctor Who will return to BBC1 this Christmas before a full series in 2017