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Space: 1999 revival from Big Finish confirmed to return in 2021

A series of adventures based on Gerry Anderson's classic TV series has been greenlit.

Space 1999
Published: Friday, 17th July 2020 at 9:30 am

Big Finish has confirmed that its audio reimagining of Gerry Anderson's classic TV series Space: 1999 will return for further adventures next year.


Three new stories will pick up where the feature-length pilot Space: 1999 – Breakaway (released September 2019) left off, following the crew of Moonbase Alpha after the Earth's satellite was ripped from the planet's orbit and flung into deep space.

Mark Bonnar (Line of Duty, Shetland) will reprise his role as Commander John Koenig - played in the original 1970s television series by Martin Landau - for Space: 1999 - Volume 1. Recorded under lockdown conditions, the set is due for release in February 2021.

Mark Bonnar recording Big Finish's Space: 1999
Mark Bonnar recording Big Finish's Space: 1999 Big Finish

Bonnar will be joined by returning cast members Maria Teresa Creasey (Doctor Helena Russell), Tim Bentinck (Commissioner Simmons), Clive Hayward (Professor Victor Bergman), Glen McCready (Alan Carter), Susan Hingley (Sandra Benes) and Amaka Okafor (Dashka Kano).

They'll be joined by guest stars Anthony Howell (as Stenbar, leader of the Velarian people), Chris Jarman (as Dr Rowland, leader of the Neptune probe expedition) and Nicholas Asbury (as Jack Tanner, commander of the Neptune probe).

"The really exciting thing for me was how the stories really came to life when the cast got hold of them," said director and script editor Nicholas Briggs. "After hearing Breakaway, they were confident and bursting with energy and excitement about their characters. They have quickly become my favourite team to direct."

A synopsis for Space: 1999 – Volume 1 reads:

The Moon has been sucked through a wormhole in space and has arrived countless miles away from its proper place. The crew of Moonbase Alpha can only guess at the resultant devastation left behind on Earth. They must decide how best they can survive. Some Alphans find it difficult to let go of the notion of returning to Earth, others are facing the reality that they must find another home to ensure the survival of the human race. They can’t survive on Alpha indefinitely.

Dead ahead of them is the planet they call Meta. The planet that apparently transmitted a signal which caused their predicament. But as their Moon drifts ever onward through space, there are other planets offering hope.

The three-disc box set will one adaptation of a classic 1970s TV episode – the fan favourite Death's Other Dominion, adapted by Roland Moore – plus two new original stories – The Siren Call and Goldilocks, both written by Andrew Smith. Jamie Anderson, son of Gerry Anderson and head of Anderson Entertainment, serves as Executive Script Consultant on the release.

Space: 1999 – Volume 1 is now available to pre-order at £19.99 as a collector’s edition three-disc CD box set or £16.99 as a download from the Big Finish website.


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