Upcoming X-Men spin-off The New Mutants will feature a same-sex love story, according to director Josh Boone.


The film, which has been awaiting release for over two years, stars the likes of Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) and Anya Taylor-Joy (Emma.) and has been described as a supernatural horror take on the superhero genre.

But Boone told Entertainment Weekly that, as well as scares, there would be “a beautiful love story” running through the film, which he understood might be “a weird thing to hear” for some.

The love story that is featured concerns Williams' character Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane, and Danielle Moonstar/Mirage, who is being portrayed by Another Life’s Blu Hunt.

Boone said of the storyline, “It’s sort of the spine and focus of some of the character-driven stuff in the film.”

Meanwhile, Williams said that the storyline is a “real extension” of the events of the Demon Bear arc in the comics on which the film is based.

She said, “Rahne and Dani have a telepathic connection in the comics, and so we just wanted to extend that in the film and put that within reality.

“If they really could understand each other on that level, then you’d probably end up falling in love with that person.”

Superhero movies, and other big franchises, have often faced criticism for a lack of same-sex relationships being shown on screen – with previous blockbusters including Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker accused of fudging the issue.

But Williams continued that she feels that, although the relationship in the New Mutants isn’t always mentioned directly, it wasn’t just a gimmick.

She added, “It's not really a story about these two characters understanding their sexuality.

“It’s not centred around that and they don’t really necessarily label it. No one else does either and no one really questions it.”


The New Mutants is currently set to be released in UK cinemas on 10th April 2020.