While Merle Dandridge may be the only actor from The Last of Us games to reprise her role in the HBO series, playing Marlene in both, she isn't the only star of the game to appear in the show.


Next week is set to see another star of the game join the series, as Joel voice actor Troy Baker plays a survivor called James who Ellie comes across in episode 8.

In the trailer, Baker's James is seen questioning fellow survivor David, after he offers Ellie a place in their group. He says: "I don't mean to question your sense of mercy, David. She's just another mouth to feed."

When David protests that if they leave her out in the wilderness she'll die, James argues that "maybe that's God's will". You can watch the full trailer right here now.

James was originally played in the game by voice actor Reuben Langdon, with Baker becoming the third voice actor who appeared in the game to transition to a role in the show, after Dandridge and Jeffrey Pierce (who voiced Tommy in the games but played Perry in the series).

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Meanwhile, Ashley Johnson who voiced Ellie in the games, is set to play Anna in a later episode of the show.

Now seven episodes in, the show has been a hit with both critics and fans, and was quickly renewed for a second season on HBO, with the episodes airing this side of the pond on Sky Atlantic and NOW.

Director of episodes 4 and 5 Jeremy Webb previously told RadioTimes.com that there was almost a big diversion from the game at the end of episode 5, with a major character surviving past his brutal ending.

The Last of Us is airing weekly on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW. Check out more of our Sci-fi coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on this week.


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