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John Barrowman poses with a Tardis as he teases mysterious "meetings at the BBC"

"Fingers crossed," says the former Doctor Who and Torchwood actor – could this be the start of a new adventure in space and time for Captain Jack Harkness?

Published: Thursday, 8th December 2016 at 3:01 pm

That John Barrowman is one hell of a tease, isn't he? Not many people could get us so excited about run-of-the-mill actor meetings at the BBC. Then again, not many people would announce said meetings by posing in front of the Tardis...


The Doctor Who and Torchwood actor shared a picture of himself with his agent Gavin Barker, telling his followers that he was "going in for meetings at the BBC".

"Fingers crossed :)" he added cryptically.

Crossed for what?

And why would he choose to pose in front of the ultimate symbol of Doctor Who unless these 'meetings' had something to do with the future of Captain Jack Harkness?

You only have to look at the Facebook comments under that photo to see just how excited this latest photo has made people.

But what could these meetings be about?

Well. Barrowman has made no secret of the fact that he is keen to see a TV return for Torchwood, especially since the recently released Big Finish audio dramas proved so popular with fans.

BBC3's Class has somewhat taken the place of Torchwood as the BBC's Who spin-off of choice, but that doesn't mean a Torchwood return is out of the question, with Barrowman's castmate Eve Myles also saying she would be up for a TV return for Gwen Cooper.

Alex Kingston too has said that River Song could find a place in the Torchwood revival, while Barrowman himself says he has a special contract in place that allows him to come back to Captain Jack "at the drop of a hat".

Then again, if not Torchwood, could this be a signal that Captain Jack could make an appearance in Doctor Who?

Barrowman has never appeared in an episode opposite Peter Capaldi, but with showrunner Steven Moffat coming to the end of his tenure, perhaps there is time for one more triumphant return – or, alternatively, a new start with next showrunner Chris Chibnall?


Whatever the meeting holds, Barrowman sure knows how to cause a commotion – and we wouldn't have it any other way.


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