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Alex Kingston wants Doctor Who's River Song to join Torchwood

The actress would love to see River joining forces with Captain Jack in a Torchwood reboot

Published: Thursday, 6th October 2016 at 7:36 pm

John Barrowman's been doing a LOT of talking about a potential Torchwood reboot of late and his chatter hasn't gone unnoticed by Doctor Who's Alex Kingston.


In fact, she's rather supportive of the actor's ambitions to bring the spin-off back and doesn't see why her own River Song couldn't be a part of it.

"I know that John is quite keen to try and reboot Torchwood," Kingston told the crowd assembled at the Tales From The Tardis panel at New York Comic Con.

"And I certainly think that if that were the case... there's no reason why River Song wouldn't just turn up there."

It's little wonder the question was raised, given that fact that Kingston has starred on The CW's Arrow, which Barrowman has been a key player in for some time now.

Sadly, the Doctor Who stars have yet to meet on the DC series – but not for lack of trying.

With Kingston, Barrowman and Eve Myles all expressing an interest, surely it can be only a matter of time before we're heading back to Torchwood HQ, right?


Well, a Whovian can dream.


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