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The new photos of Captain Jack and Ianto's return to Torchwood are just adorable

John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd are joining Eve Myles as Gwen for a new series of Doctor Who audio spin-offs this November

Published: Wednesday, 25th May 2016 at 5:15 pm

John Barrowman has been teasing for weeks now about a special project he's been working on with Gareth David-Lloyd aka Ianto from Torchwood, and now we finally know the full details.


Oh, and there are some properly lovely photos too.

Captain Jack and Ianto will indeed be returning for more Torchwood episodes along with Gwen Cooper (played by Eve Myles), thanks to Doctor Who audio drama producers Big Finish.

The three-part mini series, which tells the story of Cardiff coming under attack from a deadly virus, will be available in November 2016,

The series, written by Guy Adams, Emma Reeves and AK Benedict, takes place before the events of TV series Torchwood: Children of Earth.

"This is pretty much what everyone has wanted from day one," said producer James Goss. "Torchwood's holy trinity reunited in a full-cast box-set.

"Released as part of our celebrations of Torchwood's 10th Anniversary, it sees the Institute at their very best and their very worst. We're so very grateful to John, Gareth and Eve for somehow finding the time in their impossible schedules to save the Earth once again."

Oh, but that's not all. As Barrowman teased earlier this month, he and David-Lloyd went on something of a city tour when they returned to Cardiff to record the new series. And now we have the photos to prove it.


The latest Torchwood adventures will be available from the Big Finish website from November.


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